A Big Move from "NVme5" and "gunning4you"

The first dinner break is where Day 1 chipleaders start to emerge. PokerStars qualifiers Quy "NVme5" Nguyen and Scott "gunning4you" Seiver sat among the top twenty in chips heading toward midnight.

Quy sat at 75k after he pulled in another nice pot. "I've been playing for two years," said the Ontario student. "I play on PokerStars and live, both cash games and tournaments. I'm used to playing live tournaments alot, which has helped me today."

Quy "NVme5" Nguyen

Quy won a $160 double shootout to grab his seat, and it's been the 8s at Table 16 the entire day. Capt. Tom Franklin has been on the other end of the table, a seasoned veteran ready to pounce on any mistake made at the table.

Scott "gunning4you" Seiver sits among the chipleaders with 96k. He chopped a Sunday Million tourney in April, and has cashed three times in this year's WSOP. Each cash has been in a large field event, which gives him alot of confidence today.

"I can't tell you any hands right now at the table," Scott said. "I've had a fairly uneventful day really, just getting paid off with some hands a few times." It would get eventful soon enough.

Scott Seiver: Playing the joker

Scott and the 1s had been involved in several pots when this hand happened. Scott raised and the 1s re-raised. He called, and the flop 2c-4d-9h. Scott bet 6,200, and the 1s raised and put a stack of yellow chips in front of him. Scott folded, and that's when the fireworks started. "You angle-shot me," Scott said. The 1s had an orange 5k chip in the middle of his yellow 1k chips. "I saw you put it in your stack an hour ago. That's one of the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in a tournament."

Tournament rules are very specific regarding chip stacks at the WSOP: stacks must be clean, large denomination chips must be clearly visible in front of other stacks. Accidents happen, but deliberately circumventing these rules can lead to penalties from the floor.

Scott walked away to clear his head as he continued to think about the situation. As he returned, both men continued to chatter about what had transpired. Scott will have the 1s in his crosshairs; hopefully, he'll have plenty of ammunition when it's time to fire.

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