Advantage poker: Boris Becker joins PokerStars team

After all his time on the court, you might think Boris Becker would have had enough aces to satisfy him for life. It appears that is not the case. PokerStars announced today that the winner of six grand slam tennis events has joined its stable of players.

Becker is known worldwide as a champion on the tennis court. Now, after years of playing poker recreationally, he is setting out to get as good on the poker felt as he was on the court.

“When I was still playing professional tennis, I started learning to play poker casually in-between games because it helped me to improve my concentration,” Becker said. “Now I want to develop my poker skills and challenge myself to become really competitive at the highest levels in poker.”

Though it would take a true student of tennis to understand the similarities in the game, Becker has already noted the strategy, psychology, and decision-making under pressure that is required of both endeavors. He has already embarked on a poker training program that will tap his champion's drive. He already has his eye on some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world.

Becker says we can expect to see him first on the European Poker Tour. He's planning to play at EPT Dortmund in his native Germany and the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo next Spring. The PokerStars blog will have all the news from Becker’s experience on the felt as it happens, plus information on future events he will be taking part in, so keep checking back here for updates.

Congratulations to Boris Becker and PokerStars on a relationship that was almost at first sight.

Brad Willis
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