APPT Macau 2007: Dinh-er break as Le leads again (Hands 46 -61)

It’s break time at the Grand Waldo Hotel and Casino in the first APPT Macau: Asian Poker Open. Our chip leader is again Dinh Le from England with 1,145,000.

APPT Macau  2007: Dinh Le
APPT Macau 2007: Dinh Le

He leads from Ivan Tam of Singapore (945,000), followed by Korean online qualifier Sangkyoun Kim (734,000) Team PokerStars member Guillaume Patry (343,000), fellow Seoul resident and Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier (244,000) with the short stack Australia’s William Tam (148,000).

APPT Macau 2007: Ivan Tan
APPT Macau 2007: Ivan Tan

Hand 61: Dinh Le

Button: Le (seat 6) – ElkY raises to 55,000, Dinh reraises to 255,000 and ElkY folds. 

Hand 60: Guillaume Patry eliminates Liz Lieu in 7th place ($32,384)

Button: ElkY (seat 4) – Liz Lieu is all-in yet again, and gets an unlikely call from Patry with 7h 2s. Lieu has Ah 6d, and the gods smile on Patry again when the flop comes 8s 3c 7c. The turn is Js, and the river 7d, giving Patry trips and sending Liz Lieu out in seventh place.

APPT Macau 2007: Liz Lieu
APPT Macau 2007: Liz Lieu 7th place

Hand 59: Dinh Le

Button: Tam (seat 3) – Tam raises to 70,000, ElkY reraises 182,000 and Dinh moves all-in. Tam folds and ElkY also mucks his card, giving Dinh Le the pot and putting him back in the chip lead.

Hand 58: Ivan Tan

Button: Lieu (seat 2) – Tan is back in action, raising an extra 53,000 but ElkY adds an extra 120,000 to the pot. Tan calls and we see a flop of 8h 5h Qs. ElkY checks, Tan makes it 210,000 and ElkY folds to give the Singapore player a pot worth more than 400,000, consolidating his chip lead.

Hand 57: Ivan Tan

Button: Tan (seat 9) – Tan bumps it up an extra 55,000 to 79,000 total and takes it down.

Hand 56: Dinh Le

Button: Kim (seat 8) – Dinh Le raises to a total of 84,000 and drags the pot.

Hand 55: ElkY Grospellier

Button: Patry (seat 7) – Déjà vu – ElkY raises to 58,000 but this time Tan makes the call. The flop is 6c 2c 2d; Tan checks, ElkY bets 80,000 and claims another pot. He’s been the big mover since Joe Hachem was eliminated, picking up five of the last 10 pots.

Hand 54: ElkY Grospellier

Button: Le (seat 6) – ElkY raises to 58,000 and there are no callers.

Hand 53: Sangkyoun Kim

Button: ElkY (seat 4) – Sangkyoun Kim is first into the pot with a raise of 60,000, and nobody else wants to join him.

Hand 52: Dinh Le

Button: Tam (seat 3) – ElkY completes the blind but Dinh raises an extra 50,000 from the big blind. ElkY calls and the flop is Jd Js 9c. Dinh bets 100,000 and ElkY mucks ’em.

Hand 51: Guillaume Patry

Button: Lieu (seat 2) – Patry raises to 70,000 and induces a fold from the five players behind him.

Hand 50: ElkY Grospellier

Button: Tan (seat 9) – ElkY’s pre-flop raise of 55,000 earns him the last pot before the blinds are increased to 12,000/24,000 with an ante of 4000.

Hand 49: Sangkyoun Kim

Button: Kim (seat 8) – Dinh Le limps in, Kim pops it up to 90,000 and Dinh Le calls. The flops reads Js 9c 10s; Dinh checks, Kim bets 160,000 and closes the gap on chip leader Ivan Tan.

Hand 48: Liz Lieu

Button: Patry (seat 7) – Lieu is again all-in, this time from first position. She again gets the respect: the only three pots the ‘Poker Diva’ has won today have been when she’s shoved all-in.

Hand 47: ElkY Grospellier

Button: Le (seat 6) – ElkY’s in the action again with a raise to 55,000 to make it two out of two.

Hand 46: ElkY Grospellier

Button: dead – ElkY raises it up to 50,000 and hauls in the 51,000 in blinds and antes.

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