APPT Macau 2007: Hachem KOed by Korean qualifier (Hands 34 -45)

The 2005 World Series of Poker champion Joe Hachem has had his hopes of winning the first APPT Macau: Asian Poker Open title extinguished by Korean online qualifier Sangkyoun Kim.

APPT Macau 2007: Joe Hachem
APPT Macau 2007: Joe Hachem 8th place

Hand 45: Sangkyoun Kim eliminates Joe Hachem in 8th place ($24,288)

Button: ElkY (seat 4) –Kim raises to 60,000, Hachem pops it up an extra 90,000, then Kim puts Hachem all-in. The Team PokerStars Pro shows Ad Ac to Kim’s Ah Qs. Kim earns some outs on the flop of Jh 5s Kc; and makes his straight with a 10d on the turn. The river is a meaningless 4h, and Joe Hachem is out in eighth place.

Hand 44: Liz Lieu

Button: Tam (seat 3) – Lieu pushes all-in from the cutoff, for 86,000, Tam has a long think and passes as do ElkY and Joe Hachem

Hand 43: Dinh Le

Button: Lieu (seat 2) – Dinh Le limps in and goes the flop with ElkY from the big blind. The flops comes Qc Qd 9s. Both players check, the turn is 7c, check-check again, and the river is 7h. Dinh shows A K, and ElkY A 5 giving Dinh the pot.

Hand 42: Dinh Le

Button: Tan (seat 9) – Dinh raises an extra 60,000 and takes the pot.

Hand 41: Joe Hachem

Button: Kim (seat 8) – This time, it’s Hachem who pushes all-in but there’s no caller.

Hand 40: Guillaume Patry

Button: Patry (seat 7) – Patry wastes little time getting the remainder of his chips into play; Kim calls and shows 6d 6c (the same hand that ElkY won with in hand 39) while Patry shows Ad 8c. The flop hits Patry (9d Ah 3h), the turn is 4s and river the Js, giving the Canadian some timely life support.

Hand 39: ElkY Grospellier

Button: Le (seat 6) – ElkY pushes all-in for approximately 180,000, Dinh calls, Patry comes over the top all-in and Dinh calls. Patry shows pocket aces (As Ah), ElkY has pocket sixes (6d 6c) and Dinh shows pocket threes (3h 3d). The flop misses everyone (Qh 8s 2c), but a 6s on the turn puts ElkY in front, and hangs on as the 7c lands on the river. It’s a huge turnaround: ElkY triples up to more than 500,000, Dinh has tumbled to 660,000 (losing the chip lead for the first time today) and Patry is down to 134,000. Ivan Tam is our new chip leader.

Hand 38: Liz Lieu

Button: Hachem (seat 5) – Liz Lieu shoves all in for 80,000 from middle position, and takes down her first pot of the final table.

Hand 37: Dinh Le

Button: ElkY (seat 4) – Dinh gets a rare walk in the big blind, claiming the blinds and antes worth 54,000.

Hand 36: Sangkyoun Kim

Button: Tam (seat 3) – Sangkyoun Kim raises to 53,000 total and there’s no interest from the other seven players.

Hand 35: Ivan Tan

Button: Lieu (seat 2) – Dinh Le raises to 45,000, Tan calls and ElkY calls. They see a flop of 4d 8h 8d – check, check, check – and the turn is 4c. Dinh bets 60,000, Tan calls and ElkY gets out of the way. The river is Kh; Dinh bets 120,000 and Tan calls. In the first major setback for the chip leader, Tan showed A J and Dinh 9 10. The Singaporean, here on holidays, sweeps in a pot of more than 500,000.

Hand 34: ElkY Grospellier

Button: Tan (seat 9) – On the first hand after a 10-minute break, ElkY shoves in his remaining 200,000 in chips and gets no love.

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