APPT Macau 2007 High Roller Event: Hands 61 - 70

Hand 70: Eric Assadourian

Button: Assadourian (seat 6) – Assadourian raises 22,000 on the button and there are no callers.

Hand 69: Eric Assadourian

Button: Sehlstedt (seat 4) – There are three player in for the minimum, the flop comes 2s 8d 9c. Sehlstedt bets 17,000, Assadourian makes it 40,000 and Ng folds after initially checking. Sehlstedt calls, and the turn is the Kh. It’s check check, and the river is the Ah. Sehlstedt bets 65,000, and Assadourian makes a great call, taking down a huge pot with a pair of eights.

Hand 68: Bo Sehlstedt

Button: dead – In a battle of the blinds, the board shows 2c9s 4c Ah 3c. It’s a friendly hand, with Sehlstedt’s bet of 13,000 enough for Assadourian to fold.

Hand 67: Emad Tahtouh eliminated by Bo Sehlstedt in 5th place ($US64,512)

Button: Steicke (seat 8) – Tahtouh reaches for chips in the small blind and makes it 22,000, but Sehlstedt is quick to declare all-in (he has the Australian covered). The Swede shows Ah Ks, while Tahtouh has Kh Jh. The flop his Sehlstedt (Ad 7d Qs) but gives Tahtouh a straight draw. The turn is a blank (4c), and the river (6d), giving Sehlstedt the pot and sending the final Team PokerStars player, Emad Tahtouh, to the rail.

Hand 66: David Steicke

Button: Ng (seat 7) – Steicke raises, you guessed it, the minimum to 16,000. However, it’s a strategy that’s working for him as he takes down another pot.

Hand 65: Split – Ng/Steicke

Button: Assadourian (seat 6) – Blinds are now 4000/8000 with a 500 ante. In a battle of the blinds, Ng and Steicke see a flop of 8c Jc Kc, Ng bets 8000, and Steicke pushes all-in and Ng calls, showing Ks 7s, while Steicke has Kd 6d – both showing top pair but Ng’s 7 is in play. The 8d on the turn and 2c means a split pot.

Hand 64: Eric Assadourian

Button: Sehlstedt (seat 4) – In the last hand at this level, Sehlstedt makes it 15,000, Assadourian is again reraising the Swede – this time by an extra 60,000. Sehlstedt again folds, and Assadourian continues his charge.

Hand 63: Eric Assadourian

Button: Tahtouh (seat 3) – We see a flop of 2d 8c 10h with Sehlstedt and Assadourian heads-up. On the turn (Jd), Sehlstedt bets 13,000, Assadourian makes it 40,000 and Sehlstedt calls. In this battle of the big stacks, the river is the 10d, Sehlstedt checks, Assadourian bets 65,000, Sehlstedt calls and the Australian shows trip 10s to extend his chip lead.

Hand 62: David Steicke

Button: Steicke (seat 8) – There’s another short break for TV commitments before Steicke raises to 18,000 and Sehlstedt calls from the big blind. The flop is 2c As Qc, Sehlstedt checks, Steicke bets 10,000 and Sehlstedt sends his cards into the muck.

Hand 61: Emad Tahtouh

Button: Ng (seat 7) – It’s folded around to the button where the Hong Kong native bumps it to 17,000. Tahtouh again takes a stand and announces all-in for an additional 38,000. Ng makes the call with Qs 9s, while Tahtouh is ahead in the race with As 9h. The flop is 4h Ah Jh, but Tahtouh is made to sweat with the Kd hitting on the turn. Could it happen again? No – he makes the nut flush with the Kh and doubles through Tony Ng.

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