APPT Macau 2007 High Roller Event: Hands 51 - 60

Hand 60: David Steicke

Button: Assadourian (seat 6) – Tahtouh, reeling from that brutal beat, calls. Ng calls and Steicke checks in the big blind and we see the flop. It comes 5d 3h 6s; Ng bets 12,000, Steicke reraises the minimum, Tahtouh and Ng fold and it’s Steicke’s pot.

Hand 59: David Steicke

Button: Sehlstedt (seat 4) – Steicke raises to 12,000 (more than a quarter of his stack), Tahtouh reraises to 35,000 and he just calls. The flop shows 4s 2d 8s, Steicke pushes in his last 13,000 and Tahtouh calls with pocket (red) queens. Steicke shows Ac 9s. The turn is the Js, and river is the 3s, giving Steicke a runner-runner flush to keep him alive.

Hand 58: Eric Assadourian

Button: Tahtouh (seat 3) – This time it’s Assadourian who scoops it up with a walk.

Hand 57: Bo Sehlstedt

Button: Steicke (seat 8) –Sehlstedt has a free pass in the big blind.

Hand 56: Eric Assadourian

Button: Ng (seat 7) – Assadourian raises to 16,000 and gets no love, then shows pocket aces for his trouble!

APPT Macau 2007 High Roller Event: Emad Tahtouh
APPT Macau 2007 High Roller Event: Emad Tahtouh

Hand 55: Emad Tahtouh

Button: Assadourian (seat 6) – Tahtouh pops it to 16,000 and wins the pot.

Hand 54: Bo Sehlstedt

Button: Sehlstedt (seat 4) – Current chip counts are: Emad Tahtouh (112,000), Bo Sehlstedt (305,000), Eric Assadourian (313,000), Tony Ng (167,000) and David Steicke the short stack (63,000). Sehlstedt bumps it to 18,000 and scoops the blinds and antes.

Hand 53: Tony Ng

Button: Tahtouh (seat 3) – Ng pre-flop raise to 18,000 gets the job done as players head off for a 15-minute break. There’s 30 minutes to go at level 17, and we’ll play out level 18 before the dinner break.

Hand 52: Bo Sehlstedt

Button: Steicke (seat 8) – Tahtouh makes the standard three-times the big blind raise to 18,000; this time Sehlstedt calls. We see a flop of 3s 2c 7c, no action, the turn is 6h, Tahtouh checks and Sehlstedt bets out 24,000. He takes it down; Tahtouh is clearly under the pump, he hasn’t taken a raised pot since hand 26.

Hand 51: Tony Ng

Button: Ng (seat 7) – Ng makes it 18,000 and we don’t see a flop.

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