APPT Macau 2007 High Roller Event: It’s down to Assadourian v Sehlstedt

By Sean Callander

The heads-up battle for the title of $15,000 APPT Macau High Roller champion will be played between Australia’s Eric Assadourian and Bo Sehlstedt of Sweden.

APPT Macau 2007 High Roller Event: Eric Assadourian
APPT Macau 2007 High Roller Event: Eric Assadouria

Assadourian, who’ll be playing on home turf when the APPT Grand Final kicks-off in Sydney on December 12, holds a big chip lead (772,000 to Sehlstedt’s 181,000). As the dominant player at the final table, it’s hard to see the Aussie being toppled but Sehlstedt has played a rock solid game and will have the poker-mad Scandinavian nation cheering him on from afar. The spoils: a $US$368,640 payday for the winner against $US184,320 for runner-up.

APPT Macau 2007 High Roller Event: David Paul Streicke
APPT Macau 2007 High Roller Event: David Paul Streicke, 3rd place ($US$110,592)

Hand 102: David Steicke eliminated by Eric Assadourian in 3rd place ($US$110,592)

Button: Assadourian (seat 6) – Assadourian pops it up to 30,000, Steicke adds an extra 30,000, Assadourian says “I’m all-in” and Steicke calls. The race is As Jd for Assadourian against Steicke’s Ah 9h. The flop is bad for Steicke (4d Jc 7d) but the 8h gives him an inside straight draw. However, his tournament ends when the Jh lands on the river. A great performance by David Paul Steicke, who only rekindled his interest in poker thanks to the APPT’s arrival in Asia. He played in the APPT Seoul main event, and has stamped himself as a quality player with third in this $15,000 APPT Macau High Roller event.

Hand 101: David Steicke

Button: Sehlstedt (seat 4) – It’s a battle of the blinds, but it ends quickly when Steicke sniffs at the pot after a flop of 4s As Kh.

Hand 100: Eric Assadourian

Button: Steicke (seat 8) – Assadourian gets no action in the big blind, and shows two black aces (“I never get a hand,” he says).

Hand 99: Bo Sehlstedt

Button: dead – Sehlstedt gets a walk in the big blind.

APPT Macau 2007 High Roller Event: Tony Ng
APPT Macau 2007 High Roller Event: Tony Ng, 4th place ($US110,592)

Hand 98: Tony Ng eliminated by Eric Assadourian in 4th place ($US110,592)

Button: Assadourian (seat 6) – Assadourian raises to 35,000, Ng is all-in for 16,000 and shows 6d 5s against the Australian’s Ad Kh. Can Tony snag some sixes again? Well, there’s a 5h on the flop (with 10c 9s), but the turn is a Kd and river a 3h. The Hong Kong native is off to the rail, but not before adding his mark on the final table (he should be good value on the TV coverage).

Hand 97: David Steicke

Button: Sehlstedt (seat 4) – Steicke raises the minimum, Ng calls the extra 10,000 and we see a flop of Jd 10d Qc. Ng checks, Steicke bets 30,000, Ng goes all-in and Steicke insta-calls. Ng shows Qd 10c for two-pair, but Steicke has Ah Kd for the nut straight. The turn is Jh and the river 9s. Steicke doubles up through Tony Ng, who has just 17,000 in chips left.

Hand 96: Bo Sehlstedt

Button: Steicke (seat 8) – Sehlstedt makes it 25,000 to go, and all the other cards go into the muck.

Hand 95: Eric Assadourian

Button: Ng (seat 7) – Assadourian pops it to 30,000, and takes the pot.

Hand 94: Bo Sehlstedt

Button: Assadourian (seat 6) – Sehlstedt picks up 19,000 in blinds and antes with a pre-flop bet of 25,000.

Hand 93: Bo Sehlstedt

Button: Sehlstedt (seat 4) – The blinds are in action (Assadourian and Ng) along with Sehlstedt, and the three players check the flop of Qd Jc Qc. The turn is 6c, Sehlstedt bets 16,000 and scoops the pot. Blinds are now at 5000/10,000 with a 100 ante.

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