APPT Macau 2007 High Roller Event: Numoto out in seventh as Tahtouh increases lead

Chip leader Emad Tahtouh has taken another scalp with the elimination of Californian Scott Numoto at the $15,000 APPT Macau High Roller event final table. Just six players remain in the hunt for the first prize of $US368,640, and the honour of being crowned just the second poker champion on Chinese soil.

APPT Macau 2007 High Roller Event: Scott Numoto 7th place
Scott Numoto, 7th place ($US36,864)

Hand 20: Scott Numoto is eliminated by Emad Tahtouh in 7th place ($US36,864)

Button: Numoto (seat 2) – Numoto is all-in, Tahtouh reraises to 130,000 and Sehlstedt folds. It’s Numoto’s As 2s against Tahtouh’s black 10s. The flop is 3d Kc 7c, the turn is Jh and the river Ks, sending Scott Numoto out in seventh placing.

Hand 19: Eric Assadourian

Button: Juanda (seat 1) – Assadourian raises to 11,000, which is the only action in the hand.

Hand 18: Emad Tahtouh

Button: Steicke (seat 8) – Tahtouh opens up for 12,000 under the gun, Numoto shows 2 4 in the big blind and folds.

Hand 17: Bo Sehlstedt

Button: Ng (seat 7) – Sehlstedt is in the action again with a raise of 8500, and Steicke calls. On the flop of 8d Js 8h, Steicke bets 10,000, Sehlstedt announces reraise and makes it 27,000. Steicke calls, and the turn is the Qs. Check-check, and the river shows 5c. Sehlstedt shows Qh 9d, and Steicke Ac Jh, giving the Swede a nice pot.

Hand 16: Tony Ng

Button: Assadourian (seat 6) – Sehlstedt, Steicke and Ng are in for the minimum, the flop comes 10d 8s 8c, it’s checked around and Ng bets 5000 on the turn (9s). Sehlstedt makes the call and the river is 7s. Ng shows a J for the straight and wins the pot.

Hand 15: Scott Numoto

Button: Sehlstedt (seat 4) – Numoto makes it 8000: there are no takers.

Hand 14: Eric Assadourian

Button: Tahtouh (seat 3) – Sehlstedt raises to 9000 in the small blind and gets a call from Assadourian. On a flop of 6s 10c Kd, Sehlstedt checks, the Aussie bets 11,000 and scoops it up.

Hand 13: Emad Tahtouh

Button: Numoto (seat 2) – Steicke raises to 6000, with calls coming from Tahtouh and Sehlstedt. The flop comes Ks 10s 2h, it’s checked around and the turn comes 2d. Tahtouh leads out for 12,000, and both players fold.

Hand 12: John Juanda

Button: Juanda (seat 1) – JJ makes his move with an all-in bet from the button, but gets no takers and wins the pot.

Hand 11: Bo Sehlstedt

Button: Steicke (seat 8) – Same bet, same result: Sehlstedt makes it 8500 and scoops the blinds and antes.

Hand 10: Bo Sehlstedt

Button: Ng (seat 7) – Sehlstedt raises to 8500 and takes it down.

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