APPT Macau 2007: Tan and Le to go heads-up for Asian Poker Open trophy

We’re heads-up between Ivan Tan (1.825 million) and Dinh Le (1.7 million) for the APPT Macau: Asian Poker Open title. After starting with 352 players, just two remain and with stacks almost level, it’s shaping as a tight and tense heads-up battle. The blinds will be at 20,000/40,000 with a 5000 ante when heads-up play starts.

Hand 96: Split – Tan/Le, Sangkyoun Kim eliminated in 3rd place ($72,864)

Button: Tan (seat 9) – Kim is all-in for 155,000, and again there will be side action after Dinh Le (small blind) and Tan (big blind) call. The flop shows 10s Qc 3c. Both players check, and turn is Ah, and again both players check. The river is Kd, and its checked again. The side-pot is split as Dinh Le and Tan show aces, but Kim is eliminated when he shows Kc 6c. Kim, playing in his first major live poker tournament, was looking good on the flop!

Hand 95: Dinh Le

Button: Kim (seat 8) – Dinh Le gets a walk in the big blind.

Hand 94: Sangkyoun Kim

Button: Le (seat 6) – Kim gets his measly stack in the middle, but there’s side action between Dinh Le and Tan. The flops comes 6d 5h 5s, check check, the turn 3d, check, check and the river 3h. Le mucks, Tan shows A Q offsuit, but Kim hangs on with pocket eights, and triples up.

Hand 93: Ivan Tam

Button: Tan (seat 9) – Tan calls from the button, Dinh Le raises another 150,000, then Kim comes over the top all-in for more than 1.3 million, and Tan calls for his last 880,000! Dinh Le folds, Kim shows 5s 5h and Tan 6d 6s. Tan makes a set on the flop but 6h 10h Qh gives Kim a flush draw. The turn of 4s misses both players, as does the Ac. Ivan Tan doubles-up and edges ahead in the chip count, but Kim is smashed down to just 65,000. What a call by Ivan Tan for his tournament life, gutsy play by the 26-year-old.

Hand 92: Dinh Le

Button: Kim (seat 8) – With the chip count reading 1.63 million to Dinh Le, 1.1 million to Kim and 805,000 to Tan, Kim raises to 100,000 and Dinh Le calls. The flop is 8h Ks 6d, Kim c-bets 150,000 but Dinh Le forces into the tank with an all-in bet. Eventually, Kim folds and Dinh le takes the chip lead.

Hand 91: Ivan Tan

Button: Le (seat 6) – We’re back after a short break with the blinds at 20,000/40,000 and ante of 5000. Tan makes it 80,000 in the big blind, and Dinh Le calls. The flop comes 2s Js Kc, and Tan bets 100,000. Dinh Le throws his cards into the muck.

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