APPT Seoul Final Table: Will Kim be crowned king in Korea?

By Sean Callander

Just three players are still in the running to claim the first APPT Seoul title. Sid Kim is the new chip leader on 983,000, followed by 25-year-old Israeli Ziv Bachar on 740,000 with Australian Jo Berec the short stack on 139,000.
In the latest action, captured in magnificent images on //, we went from four to three when Michel St Pierre was first wounded, then finished off by Sid Kim. On hand 84, the Canadian moved all-in for 260,00 from the small blind. Ziv Bachar, who’s stack was down to 193,000 called for his tournament life. St Pierre showed As Kd, and Bachar Qc Qd. Neither player’s hand improved on a board of 8s 6d 3d 7d 10c, as Bachar doubled through.

On the next hand, the charge of the PokerStars online qualifier came to an end after Kim raised to 60,000, and St Pierre threw in his remaining 66,000.

The Canadian was marginally ahead, holding K h 10d against Kim’s Qc Jc, and he looked set to double-up on a board of 7h 4h 2d 8h. But Kim hit a four-outer (the Jd) to eliminate St Pierre in fourth spot (worth $34,968 in prize money, not bad for an investment of $109).

APPT Seoul: Final Table Michel St-Pierre, 4th place

Bachar’s momentum continued in the torrid half-hour before the dinner break, but Berec went from hero to (almost) zero.
On hand 88, the Israeli and the Australian popped it up to 40,000 apiece pre-flop, before the flop came Ah As 9s. Bachar bet 25,000, but Berec came over the top for his entire stack of 495,000. Bachar called the extra 395,000 in his stack.

Battling for the biggest pot of the APPT Seoul main event, Bachar showed Ac Ks for top pair and Berec had a flush draw (8s 6s). But the turn (Jc) and river (4c) missed Berec, putting a major dent in his stack.

APPT Seoul: Final Table Jozef Berec

When the trio headed for dinner and their final feed of the tournament (a shame, the buffet rocked), there was clearly a spring in the step of Bachar and Kim but Berec seemed to be looking for an answer to his woes somewhere among the tasty morsels on offer. Wisdom in the watermelon; salvation amid the smoked salmon? We’ll find out in the next few hours.

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