APPT Seoul: It’s time to ‘shuffle up & deal’ at the APPT Seoul final table

A few nervous poker players have just made their way into the TV studio for the final table of the APPT Seoul main event in the Walkerhill Sheraton Grande Hotel on the outskirts of the South Korean capital.

It’s drizzly and gloomy outside, but the lights are shining bright here at the final table – we’ve actually relocated upstairs to one of the Sheraton Grande ballrooms from the Walker-hill Casino. Once again, the 441 team have done a great job with the set: it promises to be one of the finest televised poker products you’ll ever see.

APPT Seoul: Final Table Contestants
Final Table Seoul APPT

Paul Adams, an American who lives just to the north of Seoul, has added a distinctly East Asian feel to the final table by discarding the suit and tie he’s worn in the past two days for a traditional Korean outfit called a hanbok. In terms of final table fashions, Adams is already a clear winner.

Like the APPT Manila final table, we have a league of nations battling for the title: an Israeli, an Australian, a New Zealander, a French-Canadian, a Swede-based in Malaysia, a Norwegian and a trio of Americans who all make their home in South Korea.
The 25-year-old Isareli Ziv Bachar is our chip leader on 415,000, with Australian Jo Berec close behind on 350,000. The remaining seven players are covered by 70,000 in chips, so it promises to be a fierce battle for the title. Blinds are starting at 3000/6000 with a 500 ante, and the dealer button will start with Michel St Pierre in seat eight.
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  • Seat 1: Ziv Bachar (ziviland on PokerStars, 415,000 in chips)

  • Seat 2: James Honeybone (nzvr4poker on PokerStars, 171,500 in chips)

  • Seat 3: Jozef Berec (jbjeoli on PokerStars, 350,000)

  • Seat 4: Daniel Schreiber (rekrul on PokerStars, 185,500 in chips)

  • Seat 5: Paul Adams (zadignose on PokerStars, 184,000 in chips)

  • Seat 6: Roger Spets (titantilts on PokerStars, 168,000 in chips)

  • Seat 7: Sid Kim (110,500 in chips)

  • Seat 8: Michel St Pierre (MSTP007 on PokerStars, 149,500 in chips)

  • Seat 9: Seval Hægeland (Biffen 1 on PokerStars, 127,500 in chips)

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