APPT Seoul: Qualifiers have a tale to tell to folks back home

By Sean Callander

“There are eight million stories in the naked city; this has been one of them” was the tagline to the classic 1948 movie of the same title. There aren't exactly eight million PokerStars qualifiers at the APPT Seoul, but there are eight in the final 16, chasing the APPT title at the Walker-hill Casino tonight.

One of those players is Seval Hægeland, a bricklayer from the town of Lyngden in the south of Norway. After conquering a field of more than 800 players to qualify for a trip to South Korea via a $1 buy-in tournament, Hægeland has steadily amassed chips throughout the tournament to be perfectly poised for a shot at the final table. He’s currently fourth in chips, on 200,000.

APPT Seoul: Seval Hægeland">
Seval Hægeland

And even better yarn is emerging with the performance of young Israeli Ziv Bachar. A final table finisher at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in 2006 (he won $95,000) and victor in the € 500 No Limit Hold'em Event at last year’s EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo (worth €54,400), Bachar is the new chip leader on 430,000. He won his way to Seoul on the back of a $109 satellite on PokerStars.

APPT Seoul: Ziv Bachar
Ziv Bachar

However, the dream has ended for another PokerStars qualifier, Germany’s Uwe Braukhoff. The freeroll winner grimly hung on after losing much of his stack to Hægeland just prior to the last break, then pushed all-in with pocket 10s.
The call came from another PokerStars qualifier, Swede Ulf Martensson, with Ah Kh. Martensson missed his overcards but rivered a flush on a board of Jh 9c 7s 5h 3h. Braukhoff takes home $4371 for his 15th placing, not bad for an investment of $0.

APPT Seoul: Jason Min and Uwe Brauckhoff
Uwe Brauckhoff

Braukhoff can also claim that he outlasted the final member of Team PokerStars Pro still in the running for the silverware, Isabelle ‘No Mercy’ Mercier. Short-stacked for much of the day, Mercier endlessly searched for opportunities to double up, but they proved few and far between. Eventually she ran into, you guessed it, James Honeybone. She pushed in for her last 40,000 and received an insta-call from the New Zealander.

APPT Seoul: Isabelle Mercier and Player
Isabelle Mercier

He showed pocket aces against Mercier’s pocket eights, and just to rub salt into the wound, Honeybone hit an ace on the flop to send the French-Canadian glamour to the rail.

We’re just three spots away from deciding the final table line-up for tomorrow.

Chip count, day 2 (approximate)

  • Ziv Bachar (Israel) 430,000

  • Jozef Berec (Australia) 250,000

  • James Honeybone (NZ) 240,000

  • Seval Hægeland (Norway) 200,000

  • Daniel Schreiber (USA) 140,000

  • Paul Adams (USA) 126,000

  • Roger Spets (Sweden) 90,000

  • Shinhan Sid Kim 85,000

  • Ulf Martensson (Sweden) 75,000

  • Kent Justice (USA) 70,000

  • Michel St-Pierre (Canada) 60,000

  • Michael Collins (USA) 50,000

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