APPT Seoul: Was there something in the food?

By Sean Callander

Normally break time in a major tournament is like holding a red flag to a bull. Players go away and consider their position, and many return with a new found determination to make something happen. Usually, that means it’s time to push.

Well, the remaining 21 players in the APPT Seoul main event have decided one thing – they want the money. A full level (with blinds at 1200/2400 and 400 antes) has passed without a single elimination.

But that’s not to say there hasn’t been any action – most of which has surrounded the excitable young New Zealander James Honeybone. Former chip leader Daniel Schreiber and Honeybone have butted heads on numerous occasions, but it was Schreiber who dealt a major blow to the Kiwi’s stack.

APPT Seoul: James Honeybone

On a flop of Ad 9h 4h, Honeybone moved all in for 76,500 with Ah 3h. Schrieber made the call with Ac Qd. Honeybone’s nose was in front when a 3s came on the turn, but an unlikely 4c on the river negated Honeybone’s two pair as Schreiber’s queen came into play.

However, he quickly rebounded by doubling through Korean-based American Clarence Abrams. All-in pre-flop with pocket aces, Abrams (with pocket 10s) made a set on the flop but an ace on the turn breathed new life into Honeybone’s challenge.

But just when we thought it was safe to back into the water … a massive pot has followed the first two eliminations (Clarence Abrams and Beng Hong Ker) in more than 80 minutes.

APPT Seoul: Clarence Abrams
Clarence Abrams

APPT Seoul: Beng Hong Ker
Ben Hong Ker

On table one, Danny Purkins (pocket fives), Uwe Brauckhoff (pocket eights) and Seval Hægeland (As 10s) were all-in on a board of 3s 5s 8s. Hægeland, who qualified for the tournament via a $1 tournament on PokerStars, hauled in a massive pot when his nut flush held up. Purkins is out, and the German freeroll winner Brauckhoff has lost a substantial slice of his stack.

APPT Seoul: Seval Hægeland
Seval Hægeland

APPT Seoul: Uwe Brauckhoff
Uwe Brauckhoff

Meanwhile on table two, the charge of PokerNews marketing manager Cory-Ann Joseph ended in two hands, firstly when her pocket twos ran into Michael Collins’ eights; then her A 5 failed to improve against Bachar Ziv’s nines.

APPT Seoul: Corey-Ann Joseph
Cory-Ann Joseph

Then suddenly, the bubble burst after just two rounds of hand-for-hand when Haward Speer, a PokerStars qualifier from Germany, was knocked out in 17th position. With 16 players remaining, players have been redrawn into two tables (half of who qualified for their seats on PokerStars). Now it gets serious.

APPT Seoul: Haward Speers
Haward Speers

By the way, a quick mention about the great work of our two local photographers Byong Kwan and Jae Hoon. Covering their first major poker tournament, the two young snappers have been doing a terrific job. To check out some samples of their work, check out // BY the way, if you see a name mispelled, or even see a picture of yourself and we didn't put your name right, please drop a line through Flickr, We'll do what we can to fix it up.

Chip count, day 2 (approximate)

  • Jozef Berec (Australia) 400,000

  • Bachar Ziv (Israel) 240,000

  • Seval Hægeland (Norway) 230,000

  • Daniel Schreiber (USA) 195,000

  • Roger Spets (Sweden) 145,000

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