APPT Sydney 2007: Final level of Day 1, Flight 1 Nearing

We are approaching the end of Level 11 of Flight 1 with the blinds at 800/1600/200ante. 37 runners remain on 4 tables, with an average stack of 92k.

Chip leader Terrence Chan was recently happy to lose a minimal amount in a 3-way pot with a player already all-in. Terrence openly claimed to be holding Pocket 10's.

On a board of KK79, Chan led out for 20k only to be min-raised by his opponent, with a third player already committed (all-in) pre-flop. Chan happily and correctly folded, with his opponent flipping over KQ, to knock out the all-in player holding pocket queens.

Terrence Chan
Chip Leader Terrence Chan

As a sidenote, and in relief in getting away from the hand, Chan jokingly remarked: "I've won every tournament I've ever played in Australia"! Chan, referring to his short-handed victory at his only appearance in the APPT Sydney Preliminary events.

Chan remains the chip leader with over 260k in chips, while Seoul Champion Ziv Bachar is carefully nursing a stack of about 65k.

Brad Willis
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