APPT Sydney 2007: Final Table after dinner break

2.45amGrant Levy (Australia) wins $1 million, Jeremiah Vinsant (USA), eliminated in second place for $621,540. We have a winner. The final hand was dealt at 2.45am, the 226th of the final table and the 67th of heads-up play when Levy raised to 300,000 on the button and Vinsant made the call. The flop came 6h 3s Qd. Levy bet 400,000, Vinsant raised all-in and Levy insta-called. The Australian showed Qs 6s for two-pair, while Vinsant was in strife with Qh 10c. The turn was a 6d, giving Levy a full house however another queen would have given a Vinsant a chop. But the river is the Ah, and Grant Levy is confirmed as the APPT Grand Final.

2.40am -- Flop hits both players…PokerStars qualifier Jeremiah Vinsent swung back in his chair as he received the bad news on the river, after calling a 1 million dollar bet fired out by Grant Levy on a board of 9d Kd 7h 2s 9s. Jeremiah announced to Grant that he had the King (top pair), but it wasn’t enough as Grant revealed the bad news holding 9-Jack for trip nines.

2.35am -- Blinds are now 100k/200k with 30k ante.

2.30am -- The crowd has been stirring and becoming a little boisterous after half an hour of “walks” and very brief “raise-fold” exchanges between these two solid players. With the raising alternating, and the chips moving back and forth across the table, there are no immediate signs of this battle speeding up or either of these players (who have maintained their concentration) making a loose play. The reality of the 1million dollars prizemoney has certainly hit these two players and neither is giving an inch. Perhaps a new blind level may change things?

2.00am – Levy regains his chip lead on hand 199 – he makes it 475,000 pre-flop and Vinsant calls. The flop is 5c Kh Ks and both players check. The turn is 3c, Vinsant checks, and Levy bets 700,000. Vinsant re-raises to 1.4 million and Levy instantly announces that he is all in. Vinsant folds and Levy shows Kc Jd to rakes in a huge pot.

1.45am – 1.52am actually, and on hand 192 (the 43rd of heads-up play), Vinsant pushes it up to 480,000 pre-flop and Levy calls. The flop shows 8d 2d 4d, Vinsant checks but Levy says he’s prepared to put his opponent all-in. “I call,” Vinsant says in an instant, and shows 8c 7c but Levy (who is actually the all-in player) has a chance to win the hand with any diamond (8h 7d). The turns is 6s and the river 10h, meaning a split pot after some anxious moments for the American.

1.30am --–
It’s hand 181 and Jeremiah Vinsant has put Grant Levy to a decision for his entire stack. In the first hand after the break, Levy limped, Vinsant raised from the big blind to 450,000 and Levy called. The flop read 4c 10d Kc, and Vincant got on the front foot with a bet of 500,000. Levy again called, and the turn came 9h. This time Vinsant checked, Levy bet out 1.5 million and Vinsant came over the top for an extra 1.85 million. Eventually, the Australian folds and Vinsant drags in more than 4.8 million in chips. That leaves the chip count at Vinsant 6.3 million; Grant Levy 4.2 million.

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Larry Wright busts in 9th place

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Grant Levy leads head-up

Sol Bergren (Canada) busts at 4th place:

1.15am -- Blinds are now 80k/160k with 20k ante and the players have taken a 15 minute break. Australian Grant Levy has been very active since losing a 1.5million pot to Vinsant and is controlling the heads-up action.

Chip Counts:

  • Grant Levy – AUS – 6.2 million
  • Jeremiah Vinsant – USA – 4.3 million (PokerStars Qualifier)

1.00am -- Jeremiah not dead yet…

On a flop of Kh Jh Js, Jeremiah led out with a bet of 150k and Grant calls instantly.

The turn is a 5 of hearts and Jeremiah doesn't slow down, this time betting 400k.

Grant then announces raise and is met with applause, raising to a total of 1 million dollars.

With little hesitation Jeremiah announces “re-raise all-in”, and Grant goes away.

A much needed pot for the American who recovered some of the chips lost early in this head-up battle.

12.45am -- Chip Counts:

  • Grant Levy – AUS – 5.7 million
  • Jeremiah Vinsant – USA – 4.8 million (PokerStars Qualifier)
No big hands as yet, but Grant Levy has marginally had the edge early in the heads-up battle, as has been the case since the resumption after dinner hours ago. Australian Levy is looking good and the call coming from the crowd and some of his cocky support base is “pretty to watch” and “money for jam!”.

12.30am -- Lei He, Australia, eliminated in third place for $332,280

How much a game can swing in just 15 minutes. In Lei He’s final hand in the APPT Grand Final, their was action aplenty. Local player Grant Levy opened with a raise to 375k, but didn’t last long in the hand when PokerStars qualifier Jeremiah Vinsant raised a million more. It was then over to short stack Lei He, who pushed his last 1.2 million chips in the middle and the original raiser Levy was squeezed out of the all-in pot.

APPT Sydney 2007 Final Table: Lei He (Australia)
APPT Sydney 2007 Final Table: Lei He (Australia) 3rd place

The cards were rolled over:

Lei He: 9c 9h

Jeremiah Vinsant: Js Jd

The board filled out: 5c Qh 8h 3s 8c, sending Lei He from Sydney home with over $300k.

We now have a most intriguing heads-up battle, with the chip counts nearly dead even after Lei He’s elimination. The button will be on Jeremiah Vinsant for the first hand of heads-up action.

12.15am – Very little to report from the final table. The action has been raise – fold – fold in the early stages of this level. The rich are getting richer, with Grant Levy continuing his domination with up over 6 million in chips, while Lei He is pushing the last of his 1.2 million in the middle, but getting no action.

12.05am -- Blinds are now 60k/120k with 15k ante.

The chips are circulating with more folds than bets, but Grant Levy appears to have the ascendancy in this three-handed game, with Jeremiah Vinsant fighting back strongly this level to jump ahead of local player Lei He, who has been very quiet for the past half an hour.

Chip Counts:

  • Grant Levy – AUS – 4.6 million
  • Jeremiah Vinsant – USA – 3.2 million (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Lei He – AUS – 2.76 million
11.45pm -- Chip Counts:

  • Grant Levy – AUS – 3.97 million
  • Lei He – AUS – 3.72 million
  • Jeremiah Vinsant – USA – 2.85 million (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Sol Bergren OUT

11.30pm – Sol Bergren, Canada, eliminated in fourth place for $230,200. The short stacks had sized each other up on hand 135 in a battle for tournament survival when Jeremiah Vinsant shov ed all-in from the small blind. Bergren called, turning over Ac 4c, while Vinsant (who has Bergren covered) showed Ad 8d. The board didn’t improve either hand (6s 5d 10s 2h Qd). Bergren, who has just arrived in Australia for six months, might be bale to upgrade from youth hostels to some five-star establishments after pocketing more than $230,000.

APPT Sydney 2007 Final Table: Sol Bergren (Canada)
APPT Sydney 2007 Final Table: Sol Bergren (Canada)

11.15pm – Whatever Grant Levy ate for dinner, it had the desired effect. In the past two hours, Levy has charged to the chip lead and is monstering the small stacks into submission. Jeremiah ‘Believer82’ Vinsant is now the short stack and has been reduced to all-in bets to pick up even the blinds and antes each round to stay within touch. Play has progressed beyond hand 130 (surpassing the 97 and 105 hands that it took to decide the APPT final tables in Seoul and Macau respectively). But we’re a long weay shiort of the 232 hands it took Brett Parise to conquer the final table in Manila. Players are about to take a 10-minute break, with blinds to resume at 50,000/100,000 and an ante of 10,000.

Final 4 Chip Counts:

  • Grant Levy – AUS – 4.1 million
  • Lei He – AUS – 3.1 million
  • Jeremiah Vinsant – USA – 1.6 million (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Sol Bergren – CAD – 1.1 million (PokerStars Qualifier)

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Dinner Break Update

11.00pm -- Sol Bergren committed his last million chips and has doubled through at the APPT final table. Bergren shoved from the button and Lei He asked for a count and thought hard before calling.

The cards were rolled over:

Sol Bergren: Qh Jd

Lei He: Ah 9s

The Flop Arrived: Qc Ks 2c, giving Sol Bergren top pair and a genuine lifeline.

Turn: 10c gave Lei an extra opportunity, with a Jack or Ace to make a straight.

"This is torture! torture", said Bergren laughing as the dealer delayed the river.

The River blanked with a 2 of hearts and resulted in a much needed double up for Bergren at the expense of former chip leader Lei He.

Just a hand later, action man Lei He was again asking the dealer for a count, this time he wanted to know how many chips Vinsant had left after his all-in push. Lei He mucked on this occasion but made it clear to his opponents that he is not going to be afraid to put his chips on the line.

10.45pm -- Blinds are now 50k/100k with 10k ante.

In the final hand before the blinds went up American Jeremiah Vinsant took another hit from Grant Levy when trying to take a stand against the Australian barrage this level.

APPT Sydney 2007 Final Table
APPT Sydney 2007 Final Table: Grant Levy

Levy completed the bet from the small blind and Jeremiah checked his option.

The flop came: 2s 3c 8h

Grant led out with 145k and Jeremiah made the most of his position and called.

The turn was a 2 of clubs and Grant fired another bullet with a bet of 230k.

Jeremiah took his time before making it 550k to go.

After going into the tank, Grant announced all-in and pushed Jeremiah off his hand, shaking his head. Grant was nice enough to show again, flipping over the 8d. The Australians have been relentless this level and both have over 4 million chips, with the two PokerStars qualifiers now with approximately 1 million chips each.

10.30pm -- If a PokerStars qualifier doesn’t take down the $1million first prize in tonight’s APPT Grand Final, then it will be an Australian player, and in the past half an hour it has been a convincing display from the two local Sydney-siders Grant Levy and chip leader, Lei He. Both are raising frequently pre and post-flop, as the two PokerStars qualifiers Jeremiah Vinsant and Sol Bergren continue to muck and watch their stacks dwindle.

10.15pm -- Final 4 Players’ Chip Counts:

  • Lei He – AUS – 4.2 million
  • Grant Levy – AUS – 2.6 million
  • Jeremiah Vinsant – USA – 2.1 million (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Sol Bergren – CAD – 1.4 million (PokerStars Qualifier)

10.00pm – Play has just ticked over 100 hands and with no dominant stack, the four players have – temporarily at least – gone back into their shells. To be honest, Lei He hasn’t really come out of his shell all day. The chip leader coming into the final table, the 19-year-old from Sydney’s northern suburbs has a great demeanour for poker. The only player wearing sunglasses and a cap at the final table, he’s well read on the game and has given kothing asway to his opponents. He’s also just three spots away from becoming the first local player to win $1 million in an Australian poker tournament. Five million-dollar prizes have been available in recent years, and have been taken home by John Juanda, Erick Lindgren, Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson, Gus Hansen and Jimmy Fricke. Lei He (or Grant Levy) could join that impressive list of names.

APPT Sydney 2007 Final Table: Lei He (Australia)
APPT Sydney 2007 Final Table: Lei He (Australia)

9.45pm – Players have returned from the dinner break with blinds up to 40,000/80,000 with a 5000, taking the value of a single round to 140,000. Despite two Australians remaining at the final table, the popular support is certainly with Grant Levy. The crowd has just erupted after the Sydneysider dodged some serious bullets to double through Sol Bergren. The Canadian raised on the button to 250,000 and Levy announced all in from the big blind for an additional 870,000 chips. Bergren called, showing Kc Qc against Levy’s Ah 6h. The flop hit Levy (8d Ac 10c) but gave Bergren a royal flush and straight draw. The Kh on the turn gave Bergren more outs but Levy pumped his fists in the air when the 7s fell on the river. Levy is now up to 2.3 million chips.

APPT Sydney 2007 Final Table: Jai Kemp (Australia) 5th place
APPT Sydney 2007 Final Table: Jai Kemp (Australia) 5th place

Chip Counts:

  • Lei He – AUS – 3.6 million
  • Sol Bergren – CAD – 3.4 million (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Jeremiah Vinsant – USA – 2.05 million (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Grant Levy – AUS – 1.4 million
  • Jai Kemp OUT
  • Barry Kohlhoff OUT
  • John Matwey OUT
  • Vijayan Nagarajan OUT
  • Larry Wright OUT


  • Seat 1. Lei He
  • Seat 2. Grant Levy
  • Seat 4. Jeremiah Vinsant
  • Seat 8. Sol Bergren

  • 22 12000 / 24000 4000 Duration: 60 min.
  • 23 15000 / 30000 5000 Duration: 60 min.
  • 24 20000 / 40000 5000 Duration: 60 min.
  • 25 30000 / 60000 5000 Duration: 60 min.
  • 26 40000 / 80000 5000 Duration: 60 min.
  • 27 50000 / 100000 10000 Duration: 60 min.
  • 28 60000 / 120000 15000 Duration: 60 min.
  • 29 80000 / 160000 20000 Duration: 60 min.
  • 30 100000 / 200000 30000 Duration: 60 min.


  • 1 - 1,000,000 AUD
  • 2 - 621,540 AUD
  • 3 - 322,280 AUD
  • 4 - 230,200 AUD
  • 5 - 158,830 AUD Jai Kemp
  • 6 - 115,100 AUD -Barry Kohlhoff
  • 7 - 92,080 AUD John Matwey
  • 8 - 69,060 AUD -Vijayan Nagarajan
  • 9 - 46,040 AUD-Larry Wright

APPT Sydney 2007 Final Table
APPT Sydney 2007 Final Table

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