APPT Sydney 2007: Final Table Bubble

By Heath Cram

Tournament directors are re-balancing the tables as we are down to 10 players. The difference between 10th and 9th for these players is a touch over 11.5k, a good night’s sleep and an appearance in the Sydney Star City Casino’s theatre tomorrow for the APPT Grand Final, FINAL Table.

Official 11th place finisher is Mark Walsh from Ireland.

APPT Sydney 2007: Mark Walsh
APPT Sydney 2007: Mark Walsh

Chip leader, PokerStars qualifier Sol Bergren completed from the small blind with the blinds at 15k/30k. Irish player Walsh sensed weakness and pushed the last of his chips from the big blind, but Walsh didn’t have enough chips to get the chip leader Bergren off his hand, as he quickly called and flipped over a weak 7-4 offsuit. Walsh then showed his Ace-8.

Despite the build up from tournament announcers, the section was over on the flop as the cards fell 3 5 6, giving Sol Bergren the stone cold nuts.

A typically emotionless Bergren gave a wry smile, as the turn and river blanked and he raked in the pot.

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