APPT Sydney 2007: Final Table Finalised

By Heath Cram

Mitchell Price is the latest eliminated from the APPT Grand Final Sydney.

Price shoved his dying stack in the middle with Ace-King suited but it was just unfortunate for him that PokerStars qualifier Barry Kohlhoff woke up with pocket aces in the big blind. Obviously Kohlhoff insta-called and the aces held up on a board of 10h 8d 2s 3h 7c.

116 players took the floor for Day 2 of the APPT Grand Final in Sydney, with 9 survivors after over 12 hours of play. A lot of anticipation filled the room as Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson, along with World Champions Scotty Nguyen and Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem took their seat, but it was the online qualifiers and lesser known players that dominated proceedings.

PokerStars Qualifier Sol Bergren
PokerStars Qualifier Sol Bergren happily signs for his big final table stack

Almost half the field on tomorrow’s table found their way to the final via online qualification at PokerStars.

No Australian has ever won half a million dollars playing in a poker tournament on home soil, but two will get their chance tomorrow as the tournament pays out $1million to the winner, and over $620k to the runner-up. Australians will fill one third of the final table, with Lei He, Grant Levy and PokerStars qualifier Jai Kemp all local players vying for the top spot.

The final chip counts and seating assignments have been finalised and are as follows:

Seat 1 Lei He 2,623,000
Seat 2 Grant Levy 1,052,000
Seat 3 Larry Wright 376,000
Seat 4 Jeremiah Vinsant 1,649,000 (PokerStars Qualifier)
Seat 5 Vijayan Nagarajan 641,000
Seat 6 John Matwey 498,000
Seat 7 Jai Kemp 461,000 (PokerStars Qualifier)
Seat 8 Sol Bergren 2,601,000 (PokerStars Qualifier)
Seat 9 Barry Kohlhoff 647,000 (PokerStars Qualifier)

Tomorrow's final table will commence at 2pm (local time) in the Star Theatre, at Sydney's Star City Casino.

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