APPT Sydney 2007: Maatouk Unlucky 13th

By Heath Cram

After half an hour of very little action, Rabii Maatouk has put his money in ahead only to be dealt a cruel blow on the river.

APPT Sydney 2007: Rabii Maatouk
APPT Sydney 2007: Rabii Maatouk

Maatouk got his last 200+k in with Ace-King suited and was relieved to get a call from table big stack, PokerStars qualifier Jeremiah Vinsent who turned over King-Jack offsuit.

Maatouk looked good until the river with the board filling out Qs 3h 5h 9c and a horrendous Jack of hearts on the river. Maatouk pocketed $23,020 AUD for his effort.

The big survivor this level has been Gary Diamond. Diamond has nursed a stack of under 100k for half an hour, including a double-up and is now guaranteed a minimum of $34,530 AUD that is paid out for places 12th to 10th.

Updated Chip Counts:

  • Sol Bergren 2.2 million (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Lei He 2.1 million
  • Jeremiah Vinsent 1.3 million
  • Grant Levy 900k
  • Larry Wright 700k
  • Jai Kemp 680k
  • Vijayan Nagarajan 470k
  • John Matwey 420k
  • Barry Kohlhoff 370k
  • Mark Walsh 230k
  • Mitchell Price 190k
  • Gary Diamond 140k

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