APPT Sydney 2007: Moneymaker OUT!

Team PokerStars has lost another player, with 2003 World Champion Chris Moneymaker eliminated. Moneymaker was crippled earlier (to about 7k in chips) holding pocket Queens, bumping into quad Kings.

In 3-way (pre-flop) all-in action, the severely shortstacked Moneymaker committed his last chips with KQ, but was behind from the outset, as his opponents flipped over Pocket Queens and Pocket Jacks.

The flop came: 8d 2c 6s
The turn and river offered no assistance with a 7c and 5h.

Moneymaker added to the list of big name casualties, as Australian pro Mark Vos also exited. Vos pushed with 2-pair (Tens & Deuces) and was called by Tino Lechich (button) who had flopped a straight with A5, after calling Vos' pre-flop raise (in the cutoff) to 6k.

Brad Willis
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