APPT Sydney 2007: Rahme consolidates his position

The players have returned from a 10 minute break, at Level 5, with blinds at 200/400(25). Raymond Rahme remains the chip leader, currently sitting with over 100k in chips.

When prompted regarding his quick accumulation of chips and asked "where his stack came from", the popular PokerStars pro said: "from your cashier"!

Raymond Rahme
Raymond Rahme

The most significant pot for Rahme actually came early on when Rahme had 30k in chips, taking down a pot of 25k.

"I looked down at Ace-Ace, facing a raise, and smooth called", said Rahme.
"A player behind me re-raised and he was called, I then re-raised all-in and got one caller", Rahme explained. "The original raiser folded Kings, and the caller flipped over kings!" Rahme's pocket aces held, despite a straight draw on the board.

From that point on, Rahme has held his chip lead over the table and consolidated his position at the top of the leaderboard on day 1.

APPT Seoul Champion Ziv Bachar
APPT Seoul Champion Ziv Bachar

Seoul Korea APPT Winner Ziv Bachar went to the break with 32k in chips, claiming "nothing special" happened when asked to comment about the day's play thus far. "I'm happy, I don't want anything special!" exclaimed Bachar regarding the lack of big hands or laydowns.

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