APPT Sydney 2007: Shoe adds shine to Star City poker

By Sean Callander

Each event on the APPT has had its own quirks, and Star City has already been recognised for the use of a unique device to help deal the cards.

Instead of dealing the cards by hand, the dealers use what can best be described as cutdown version of a blackjack shoe – actually developed by two enterprising Star City staff members.

It looks awkward, but it sure gets the job done. The dealer merely slides the card to the player and virtually eliminates the possibility of a card being exposed.

Another unique feature of poker here at Star City is the placement of the burn card (on the turn and river) directly under the face-up card. As we well know, poker players will soon air any grievance they may have, so the silence indicates that the ‘dealer shoe’ is a resounding success.

Sydney Star City Card Shoe
Sydney Star City Card Shoe

Another feature of the event so far has been the speed with which players have been leaving the tournament area.

Our chip leader Grant Levy has just sent another one to the rail, tabling pocket kings against the pocket nines of Melbourne’s Manny Stavropoulos. Levy improved to a set, sending Manny on his way.

Since the dinner break, another 11 players have been eliminated, with just 50 players remaining. They’ve just received a visit from Team PokerStars pro Joe Hachem and 1998 world champion Scotty Nguyen, who did a circuit of the room in his inimitable style.

Approximate chip count (day 1, flight 1)

  • Grant Levy 230,000
  • Tony Dunst 170,000
  • Terrance Chan 166,000
  • Jason Clissold 150,000
  • Karib Karib 130,000

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