APPT Sydney 2007: Suckout Time!

By Heath Cram

It’s bad beat o’clock! Australian player Grant Levy came from well behind to hit his two-outer and scoop a million dollar pot at the expense of chip leader Lei He.

APPT Sydney Grant Levy
APPT Sydney Grant Levy

All of the money went in pre-flop, with Levy 500k in chips and Lei He more than 3 times that amount. They rolled their cards over…

Lei He: Pocket Kings

Levy: Pocket Jacks

The first 4 cards (7d 8d 7h 5h) were enough for Grant Levy to get up from his chair, but disappointment turned to elation ,with screams and “high fives” in the room, as a jack hit on the river to provide a lifeline to the Australian player.

“How many hands are they going to deal this bloke!”, said Levy referring to Lei He running hot.

“Man, I thought I was in front”, exclaimed Levy as he raked in over 1 million chips and put himself back in the race.

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