APPT Sydney 2007: Terrence Chan scoops a 3-way pot

Winner of the $1600 NLHE Preliminary event Terrence Chan has won a big pot to go to around 75k in chips.

Terrence Chan
Terrence Chan

Chan raised to 1600 in mid position, and was called by the player in the cutoff position. In a remarkable event the action (directed by the dealer) then skipped to the small blind who called. Missed player David Saab (button) was then to act out of turn and obviously felt the equity was there to call.

The flop came: As 2s 10d

The small blind checked, and as did Terrence, with the player behind him leading out with a 3k bet. David Saab to his left then stated "I'll put you all in" for around 8900 more. After the small blind folded, Terrence re-raised all-in.

The original bettor instacalled, and Saab went into the tank before also calling.

Saab flipped over 9J of spades for a flush draw, Terrence showed his bullets for top set, while the original post-flop bettor (and all-in caller) showed down bottom set with pocket 10's. The turn and river helped noone (8 and King) and Terrence scooped.

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