APPT Sydney: All the way for WA

Perth player Aleks Lackovic was ecstatic when slamming down pocket rockets in a three-way preflop all-in. Lackovic, from Western Australia, found himself against a short stack with pocket fives, and with a very healthy side-pot up for grabs, against an opponent with Ad Kd.

The flop came: 3h 2c 2h. Turn: 3c. River: 2d The player holding A K with approximately 50k on the line shouted "yes" when the board filled up on the river, but was still running third! He quickly realised it and laughed with embarrassment before exiting. Lackovic is back among the chip leaders with almost 120k in his stack.

Elsewhere, PokerStars player Emad Tahtouh and Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem are still steadily flying the flag in today's Day 1 third flight. Players are now on dinner break and will return in 50 minutes, when we will return from the Garden Buffet with the latest chip updates!

Brad Willis
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