APPT Sydney: Billy bowled over

By Sean Callander

Less than a fortnight ago, he took on and beat a world poker champion
and the greatest Test cricket bowler of all-time but today, he met his
match in the APPT Grand Final.

Billy Sukkar won the charity tournament played in Melbourne on
November 30, which was hosted by his cousin Team PokerStars Pro Joe
Hachem and the recently retired Australian cricketer Shane Warne.

He was steadily amassing chips in today's 1B action and was thrilled
to look down and see pocket aces in the big blind midway through level

Sukkar made it 900 to go from the big blind, and two opponents called.
The flop was Qd 8d 6d – the small blind and Sukkar checked, a bet came
for 3000, the small blind folded and Sukkar called.

The As on the turn gave Sukkar top set, but he faced an all-in bet
from his opponent. With about 12,000 remaining, Sukkar called and
found himself behind when his opponent showed a flush (7d 3d). Sukkar
needed either the board to pair or a diamond but the 2s ended his
brief APPT Sydney foray.

But for PokerStars qualifier Franciscus "Branco" Dekkers, the dream is
well and truly alive. The Dutchman, who freerolled his way to Sydney,
is one of the chip leader at the end of level six. He's nursing 90,000 in
chips, with blinds at 300/600 (75 ante) when play resumes in a few
minutes. A reminder that we'll be playing 12 levels today.

Meanwhile, local Sydney player and PokerStars qualifier Paren "pokerpuzzle" Arzoomanian is the new chip leader, going to the latest 10-minute break with more than 96,000 in chips.

Paren claimed that "mental preparation" is the biggest factor towards his early success in live tournaments. "I don't play a lot of live poker and often play 6 tables online. I find you have to concentrate more live", said Arzoomanian.

Paren Arzoomanian

Paren "pokerpuzzle" Arzoomanian

Paren has spent the day steadily accumulating his stack.

"I cracked aces with a small set early, and got a lot of chips with aces against A K", Arzoomanian said.

Paren is heading in the right direction towards his goal of ending Day 1 with about 150k in chips, focused on avoiding "slipping up".

"I'm just going to try and avoid any dirty spots for the rest of the day," he said.

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