APPT Sydney: Bilney bows out

By Sean Callander

The 10.30am start for each of the day one flights here at the APPT Grand Final is unusually early for players used to early afternoon starts in tournaments of this size.

But spare a thought for one of Australia's top female players Sarah Bilney, who was up at 4am (as usual) to feed her four-month-old daughter.

Dad (and poker player) Michael Tomeny played yesterday so has been minding the little lady while Sarah has been struggling with a short stack.

Finally, the stack gave out when Jim Kilarjian bet the flop of 2c 4h Qc, and Bilney made the call. Both players checked the turn of 7d, then Bilney shoved in her last chips on the river (5s). Kilarjian insta-called with kings, which were too good for Bilney's Ks Qh.

The other female player still in today's field, Tiffany Williamson, looks well placed to survive through to day 2. She just doubled up when her pocket queens held up against A K when the board came low (10h 8h 5h 7d 6c).

Tiffany Williamson

Tiffany Williamson

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