APPT Sydney: Emad's on the move

PokerStars player Emad Tahtouh is certainly not resting on his laurels and has increased his stack since the recommencement of play after dinner.

Emad Tahtouh

PokerStars player Emad Tahtouh

In a hand moments ago, Emad re-raised (to 15k total), a 6k pre-flop raise and was called. The flop came: 7c 4s 10h

The original raiser put a continuation bet of 10k on the flop and Emad pushed all he had, which was only 15k more. His opponent went into the tank and couldn't call the extra 15k into a 70k pot. Emad now has roughly 70k and plenty of breathing room for the last few sessions of play.

Brad Willis
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