APPT SYdney: Final 2 Tables

By Heath Cram

The final 2 tables has lost its first player with the elimination of Karib Karib. Karib’s ran into PokerStars qualifier Sol Bergen when re-raising his stack. Sol Bergen with AQ suited against Karib’s hapless 5-6 off suit.

APPT Sydney 2007: Karib Karib
Karib Karib

The board filled out 3h 10s 3c Jd 7h

The table assignment and approximate chip counts for the final 2 tables are as follows…

Table 1:
  • Seat 1 Karib Karib (OUT)
  • Seat 2 Gary Diamond 340k
  • Seat 3 Mark Walsh 310k
  • Seat 4 Mark Eriksen 760k
  • Seat 5 Grant Levy 715k
  • Seat 6 Lei He 2.1mil
  • Seat 7 Jai Kemp 670k (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Seat 8 Sol Bergen 2.3mil (PokerStars Qualifier)
Table 2:
  • Seat 1 Jeremiah Vinsent 690k
  • Seat 2 Rabii Maatouk 320k
  • Seat 3 Barry Kohlhoff 355k (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Seat 4 Mitchell Price 180k
  • Seat 5 John Matwey 165k
  • Seat 6 Larry Wright 680k
  • Seat 7 Colin Ford 455k (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Seat 8 Vijayan Nagarajan 645k

“These guys are going to build a roof over the top of me!” exclaimed PokerStars qualifier Jai Kemp as he was seated between the two tournament big stacks.

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