APPT Sydney: First level frenzy

By Sean Callander

An extraordinary first hour has just ticked past with 20 players already eliminated from the 116 who started day 2 in the APPT Grand Final.

Ziv Bachar, who won the APPT Seoul main event three months ago, had started the day with 41,000 and elected to make his move early with the blinds at level 13 (1200/2400 with a 400 ante).

He pushed in pre-flop with As Qc, and found himself up against the reigning Australian Two-Card Manila champion Mark Ericksen but top-pair wasn’t enough to save Israeli’s tournament life. It was one of five all-ins in the first 30 minutes on table 16.

Others sent to the rail in the early going have been Jim Sachinidis, day 1A front-runner Franciscus Dekkers and Bruno Portaro.

APPT Sydney 2007: Jim Sachinidis
APPT Sydney 2007: Jim Sachinidis

Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem is picking his spots carefully, and has Davoud Kahjeh (second chip position) seated to his immediate right.

Just over Joe’s right shoulder is fellow Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson, but the Kiwi’s table has now been split and he’s joined a couple of old mates – Gary Benson and Leo Boxell – at a new table.

APPT Sydney: Lee Nelson
APPT Sydney: Lee Nelson

APPT Sydney: Leo Boxell

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