APPT Sydney: Gwinner Crippled, then out in 30th position

By Heath Cram

29 runners remain, as one-time tournament chip leader, Dane Henrik Gwinner lost the biggest pot of the tournament thus far, as he watched 1.2 million chips pushed in the direction of Lei He, the new monster chip leader.

Gwinner’s aggression has brought about his demise, as he committed most of his stack to a nut flush draw.

All of the money went in on a flop of 5s Kh 7h

Lei He: Ac Kd

Henrik Gwinner Ah 2h

The turn (6c) and river (7c) didn’t provide Gwinner with the heart or backdoor cards needed and he was left with under 30k in chips. Just a hand later, Gwinner committed his last 27k with Ace-4 and has been eliminated.

APPT Sydney 2007: Henrik Gwinner
APPT Sydney 2007: Henrik Gwinner

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