APPT Sydney: Hachem doubles on trips

Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem "was" reeling on a short stack with little over 8000 for a large part of blind level 4, but has doubled up late to go to the break with over 20,000 in chips.

In a five-way limped pot to Hachem's big blind, the flop came: 8h 8c 7h.

The action was checked around to one of the early chip leaders Danny Huynh who bet 2k. Joe then shoved his last 8k into the pot, only to be quickly called by an opponent who had also checked the flop in early position. Huynh then went away and left it to Hachem to fight it out.

Joe Hachem

Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem doubles up

Hachem's opponent turned over J 8 for trip jacks, then Joe slowly revealed Q 8 for trips with a better kicker.

The turn (10s) and river (Qd) offered little assistance to his opponent and Hachem has improved to 23k in chips. Play will resume at Level 5 with the blinds at 200/400.

Approximate chip counts:

  • Quentin Lae 75k
  • Danny Huynh 60k
  • Mick Guttman 34k
  • Gary Benson 34k
  • Joe Hachem 23k (Team PokerStars Pro)
  • Emad Tahtouh 21k (PokerStars Player)
  • Billy "The Croc" Argyros 11.5k

131 runners remain with the average stack at 26k.

Brad Willis
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