APPT Sydney: Hachem on the rise

Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem has taken down another pot to continue his move up the leaderboard. Joe now has 45k in chips, nicely above the current average stack of just over 30k.

In the hijack seat, PokerStars qualifier Rikki Papesch raised the 500 big blind to 1800 straight. The action was folded to Hachem in the small blind, who re-raised to 5200. Papesch called.

The flop came Qd 10d Ah. First to act, Joe led out with a bet of 12k and Papesch asked Joe for a quick chip count before eventually folding.

"Come on man! You got my hopes up!", said Joe with a grin on his face.

Joe wasn't joking about wanting a call, as he showed the table his pocket pair of 10s, for bottom set on the flop. No doubt a showdown he will use to his advantage.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in