APPT Sydney: Joe takes an early hit

In one of his first pots played today, Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem found himself in an eventful battle of the blinds against Safi Nafiz.

Joe Hachem

Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem

On a flop of Qs Ks 9h, Nafiz was first to act and led out for 300.

Joe popped it up to 700. Nafiz didn't hesitate to raise to 1000, with Hachem annoyed when the dealer said it was 1100 to go (minimum raise of 400). "If he says a thousand, it's a thousand," Joe said. Nafiz placed the extra (required) 100 into the middle and Joe called the further 400.

The turn was a 7. Nafiz checked and Joe led out for 1600. Nafiz called. The board paired Queens on the river and Nafiz again checked.

Joe immediately checked and turned over K 7 for two-pair, quickly realising he had lost practically the minimum when Nafiz showed "ladies" for quad queens, clearly missing a bet on the river.

Brad Willis
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