APPT Sydney: Kill Everyone ... literally

Team PokerStars' Lee Nelson taught his table a little lesson in how to
play from your big blind into a limped pot.

With the blinds still at 200/400, Lee Nelson found himself facing 6
limpers, for potential 7-way action. Lee quickly killed that action
and showed what he thinks about "family pots", by announcing all-in,
for about 25k more.

Fold - Fold - Fold - Fold - Fold - Fold ... was the action that followed.

Lee Nelson
Lee Nelson

"Right or Left, Right or Left?", questioned Nelson as he taunted the
table with cards still in hand. The players chose "left" and Lee
flipped over a King of Hearts.

The small pot has taken the popular Team PokerStars Pro to
approximately 30k in chips, above the average.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in