APPT Sydney: Levy’s full house tumbles down

By Sean Callander

Hardly surprising, but the sound of “all-in” is again reverberating around the Star City poker room after the bubble burst on day 2 of the APPT Grand Final.

Already, five more players have been eliminated in the first 20 minutes. There was drama for Grant Levy, one of the big movers from day one. He wad delighted to his pocket nines make a full house on a flop of 9d Jh Jc.

However, his short-stacked opponent’s Ad Qh improved dramatically on the turn (Ac) and river (Jd). Luckily, Levy only lost a small pot in such an extraordinary hand.

Suzy Khouiss, who spent much of last night nursing a very small stack, recently bounded up to more than 150,000 when she made a set of fives on the flop against Danny Huynh’s pocket aces.

Aleks Lackovic, the popular Western Australian, has also made a move at the expense of Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson. Lackovic, who was runner-up to Eric Assadourian in the 2006 Melbourne Poker Championships, raised pre-flop before Nelson re-raised.

Lackovic pushed over the top all-in (using some of Nelson’s own Kill Phil tactics against him). Eventually, the 2006 Aussie Millions winner let go of his hand to take his stack back under 200,000. The Perth-based Lackovic is now up to about 350,000.

Danny Huynh (52nd), Leonard Melia (53rd), Luigi A’Preda (54th), George Marks (55th) and Joseph Loruzzo (56th) have all been eliminated but take home $8000 apiece in prizemoney.

Approximate chip count (day 2)

  • Henrik Gwinner 715,000
  • Gary Diamond 570,000
  • Alexander Estrellado 435,000
  • Sol Bergren 400,000
  • Trong Son Dao 390,000

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