APPT Sydney: Milinkovic steers short stack into the money

By Sean Callander

Two of the four female players who made the money have been eliminated in the ensuing chaos after the bubble burst at the end of level 16.

PokerStars qualifier Vera Milinkovic came into day 2 with just 11,200 in chips but carefully picked her way through the early afternoon. As the bubble loomed, she continually peered down to find playable hands (including A K) but did not want to endanger her tournament future.

But with an $8000 payout assured, she pushed in pre-flop with As 9h against ‘Sticky’ Micky Guttman’s A Q. The flop hit Milinkovic (Js 9d 4h), but a Q on the river sent her out in 50th position.

Trudie Sultana has also bowed out despite having live cards in a three-way race against Kenny Ng’s Q 2 and Colin Ford’s pocket eights. The eights held up and both Sultana (47th) and Ng (48th) were headed for the rail, via the payout desk.

Tiffany Williamson and Suzy Khouiss remain in the running for a final table start but Christopher Pisani (41st), Michael Zowie (42nd), Nicholas Gazal (43rd), Robert Korun (44th), David Foldy (45th) and Matthieu Logel (46th) have all departed (with prizes of $11,500), as has Aleks Lackovic (49th).

We’re into the final level before the dinner break with blinds at 5000/10,000 and antes of 1000.

Brad Willis
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