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Go surfing with Team PokerStars Pros

Well before Patrick Swayze made his fabled escape to Australia in the movie “Point Break”, Oz has been the destination of choice for surfers world over. Is it any surprise then, that our Tae-Kwon Do practicing, Bungee–jumpingTeam PS Pros decided to hit the waves this afternoon with a wee bit of help from the experts at Let’s Go Surfing?

Team PokerStars Pros, Joe Hachem, Isabelle “No Mercy’ Mercier, and Chris Moneymaker, hit Bondi Beach running, and didn’t give an inch during their grueling 3hr lesson.

APPT Sydney 2007: Surf's Up
APPT Sydney 2007: Team PokerStars Pros and Erin McNaught Surf's Up

Egged on by a small wager as to who would stay on their feet the longest, Moneymaker argued that as the smallest and perhaps the one with the ahem – best weight to height ratio, he was a shoe–in to win the bet. That is until “No Mercy” decided to join in at the last minute, leaving Chris in the dust as to his dubious height advantage.

When asked during the break how surfing compared to bungee jumping, both Mercier and Hachem were in agreement that the adrenalin rush of the bungee was certainly more immediate than the chilly thrills of learning to surf.

APPT Sydney 2007: Surf's Up
APPT Sydney 2007: Learning the Surf Stance

Everyone hit the surf a second time after a break where the team learned to stand just as their boards crested the Bondi breakers . This time around, to see who could make good on the wager and ride the waves longest.

The first one out the gate was actually a PokerStars manager who shall remain nameless, he held his lead until Moneymaker, and then Sarne Lightman director of marketing for PokerStars Asia-Pacific matched the nameless exec’s lead.

No Mercy, frustrated and cold, possibly still suffering from the headache that had almost kept her out of the water, didn’t get up to much until her board was replaced, and her stance improved.

Only Hachem, a fighter to the last, found himself without a wave to call his own at days end. When asked for the status of his fight with the sea, Hachem replied. “It’s zero for one”.

Nevertheless all the Team PokerStars Pros were in agreement – surfing was an excellent experience, something both Hachem and Moneymaker plan to do again when they hit Bermuda for the “PokerStars Caribbean Adventure” later this month - Hachem’s even going to bring the family.

Who won the bet? Moneymaker, using that advantage of his to good effect he came home with the win, asked if it had been an easy wager he replied “I’ve never worked harder for a win in my life. My arms are aching, my legs are aching, that was the toughest bet I have ever won.”

Maybe so, but the tan and the tale will certainly impress the folk in Moneymaker’s home state, land-locked Tennessee.

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