APPT Sydney: Nguyen takes a hit & Van Marcus eliminated

By Heath Cram

Scotty Nguyen has gone all the way to the river to lose a 250k pot to Kenny Ng.

The board filled out 2s 5h Kc 4d Jh with all of the big action on the river.

Scotty led out and Kenny Ng raised all-in for 96k and Scotty pondered before calling. Eventually Scotty called, with Ng apologizing as he flipped up Ace-3 diamonds for the wheel. Scotty Nguyen now has about 280k in chips, with Ng moving to about 300k. More action is expected from this pair in the coming hours of play!

Elsewhere, Van Marcus has been eliminated. Marcus raised to 40k from the cutoff leaving only 1k (two 500 chips) behind. From the button Craig Gray moved all-in over the top and had Marcus covered. Chip leader Henrik Gwinner laid his hand down and Marcus then faked mucking his cards, before tossing his last 1k in the middle and tabling Ace-7 suited. Gray had pocket queens and they held as the board filled out Qs 8d 5d 6c Ac.

APPT Sydney: Van marcus

Brad Willis
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