APPT Sydney: No Diamonds for Diamond

By Heath Cram

Gary Diamond is eliminated in 12th place after pushing his last 90k into the pot with Queen-Ten of diamonds. Diamond raised all-in, and PokerStars qualifier Jai Kemp called from the small blind. No sooner had Kemp called and he was mucking his cards, after fellow PokerStars qualifier Sol Bergren re-raised to isolate diamond. An isolation with Pocket Kings.

APPT Sydney 2007: Gary Diamond
APPT Sydney 2007: Gary Diamond

The flop came: 8h Jd 3h giving diamond a gutshot straight draw, but the 5 and 8 on the turn and river ended his night.

PokerStars qualifier Sol Bergren is the tournament chip leader with over 2.5million chips.

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