APPT Sydney: PokerStars Players are Active

By Heath Cram

PokerStars player Guillaume Patry put Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem to the ultimate test. Hachem raised to 8k from the cutoff, with Patry coming over the top to 55k total in his big blind, for almost all of Joe’s chips.

APPT Sydney: Guillaume Patry
APPT Sydney: Guillaume Patry

Joe went into the tank for 5 minutes before reluctantly folding. Hachem’s laydown has left him with 60k. Things are looking better for fellow Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson who has been active early on Day 2 in accumulating chips. Nelson has a stack of 175k.

Elsewhere, PokerStars qualifier Francisicus Dekkers has been eliminated by Carter Gill. Dekkers made a good read and correct call for his tournament life pre-flop, calling Gill's all-in raise with A-8 of clubs, with Gill rolling over K-J of clubs. Two jacks appeared in the windo to give Gill trips and the race was over for Dekkers.

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