APPT Sydney: PokerStars Players Survive the Bubble

By Heath Cram

As the players on the floor congratulated each other and the rail clapped and cheered, many PokerStars players were left with smiles on their faces, after surviving the hand-for-hand period of play. All players are now guaranteed $8,000 in prizemoney which is most significant for our online qualifiers who received an expenses paid trip to Sydney as reward for their efforts at!

Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson faired best of the remaining PokerStars players.

Surviving PokerStars Players’ Chip Counts:

  • Lee Nelson 255k (Team PokerStars Pro)
  • Jeremiah Vinsent 250k (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Colin Ford 240k (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Guillame Patry 185k (PokerStars Player)
  • Barry Kohlhoff 160k (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Rikki Papesch 150k (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Terrence Chan 97k (PokerStars Player)
  • Robert Korun 59k (PokerStars Qualifier)
  • Luigi Apreda 43k (PokerStars Qualifier)

Henrik Gwinner has maintained his strong chip lead, just reaching 700k and Scotty Nguyen went to the break consolidating his stack of 240k.

The big survivor on the bubble was French PokerStars qualifier Matthieu Logel. Logel started the day with over 150k in chips, but was forced to protect less than 30k in chips throughout the hand-for-hand stages. He is one of 56 players to survive and collect a minimum of $8,000 prizemoney.

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