APPT Sydney: Smooth as silk

By Sean Callander

During the last break, a man emerged from the crowd and asked kindly if we could send a message to his family in the USA via the PokerStars blog. And so we made acquaintances with Sam Silk – originally from Philadelphia, now resident in New Jersey.

Sam Silk

Sam Silk

He can safely lay claim to being the oldest player in the field at 83. The PokerStars qualifier is having the time of his life on his first trip to Australia.

A lifelong poker player, he started playing holdíem about 15 years ago and is still a regular at the tables in Atlantic City, which is only a short drive from his home. He still works in his real estate business (which conveniently has an office in Atlantic City).

"I used to play with friends but not as often as some of them have recently passed away," he said. "So I started playing online poker at PokerStars".

Silk, who looks very fit and healthy for his age, said the secret to his youthful appearance was "keeping my mind and body active, and poker is great for keeping your mind active".

So Sam, consider your request granted, and all the best for the remainder of Day 1B.

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