APPT Sydney T.O.C: Hachem’s river drowns Parise’s hopes

By Sean Callander

Barely 10 minutes have passed since players returned from the dinner break before Brett Parise became the fifth player eliminated from the PokerStars APPT Tournament of Champions.

Hoping to win $50,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Parise pushed in his entire stack on a board of Ad 8d 2h Qh but received a prompt call from Joe Hachem.

Parise, who won the APPT Manila main event after winning a seat via a freeroll on PokerStars, showed Ah 8s for two-pair, while Hachem trailed with As 9d.

APPT Manila Champion Brett Parise

Needing a queen or a nine, the 9h duly arrived on the river for Hachem, sending Parise, the likeable 22-year-old originally from Indiana, on his way.

Knowing what it takes to fulfil all the obligations after winning a major poker tournament (two in Joe’s case), Hachem led the audience in a round of applause for APPT Grand Final winner Grant Levy, who’s barely had any sleep since taking out the $1 million first prize just 17 hours ago.

Latest chip count:
  • Joe Hachem 550,000
  • Scotty Nguyen 167,000
  • Grant Levy 109,000
  • Greg Raymer 74,000

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