APPT Sydney T.O.C: Moneymaker first out in battle of champions

Chris Moneymaker started his journey to the APPT Grand Final in style with a cash in the $1600 Six-handed No Limit Hold’em as part of Star City’s Big Game Poker Championships.

Chris Moneymaker
2003 World Champion Chris Moneymaker

However, his APPT Grand Final journey was cut short on day one, and he’s now become the first player to be eliminated from the APPT Tournament of Champions.

Chris Moneymaker
Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker Eliminated

Moneymaker crossed paths with Team PokerStars Pro and fellow WSOP champion Joe Hachem after a flop of 9 Q 3 (all hearts). Hachem bet 5000 and Grant Levy, who’s barely 12 hours into his reign as APPT Grand Final champion, made it 17,000 total.

Moneymaker then pushed all in with Ah Qd and Hachem called with 10h 4h. Levy thought long and hard before throwing away what proved to be the best hand (Jh 5h) face up. Two clubs (4 2) on the turn and river ended Moneymaker’s hopes of a $50,000 payday for the Memphis Humane Society.

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