APPT Sydney: Who’s the boss?

By Sean Callander

We’ve just ticked into the final level on Day 1C of the APPT Grand Final here at Star City and the chip leader is … anyone’s guess. On Day 1B, Henrik Gwinner finished with a massive stack of 390,000, but it’s highly unlikely any of today’s field will get anywhere near that figure.

Since the dinner break, there have been as many as 10 players who’ve led the field, albeit briefly. Carter Gill has just edged back in the lead from Michael Guttman, after getting into a big-time tussle with Gary Benson.

On a flop of Jh 7h 8h, Benson checked, Gill bet 5500. Benson then check-raised to 13,500 before Gill declared himself all-in. Benson is clearly displeased with Gill’s bet, and eventually folds, but not without some careful consideration.

The drama-filled day of Emad Tahtouh has also come to an end after his A K ran into the pocket aces of Bruno Portaro. The PokerStars player had outs but failed to hit, falling less than a level short of a Day 2 berth.

APPT Sydney 2007: Emad Tahtouh
APPT Sydney 2007: Emad Tahtouh

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