APPT: 'Welcome Back' says goodbye

Two big stacks locked horns and James 'Welcome Back' Potter has been eliminated from the APPT Grand Final, after just winning two big pots.

On a flop of A K Q, Potter check-raised the flop, and was smooth called by his only opponent, Henrik Gwinner.

The turn paired the Q, on a board now double suited. Potter checked to Gwinner who put a bet of 25,000 out, which was a touch more than half of Potter's stack leaving him the option to fold or push. Potter went into the tank and table talk was rife between the two, with Potter electing to push.

Gwinner then went into the tank and expressed his concern that Potter had quad queens, and was obviously also concerned about a full-house. Gwinner eventually called, flipping over J 10, which was too good for Potter's top two pair of aces and kings.

Potter still had eight outs on the river with a K, Q or A to fill-up, but the river was a blank and Potter is out. Gwinner has now gone to a monster chip lead with 250k in front of him.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in