Aussie Millions: Busted, never daunted

By Alison Lightman

It doesn't tend to take poker players long to bounce back from defeat, certainly not PokerStars players who busted out of the Main Event that we bumped into today, queuing to register for the $550 No Limit Hold'Em Event, and who should be back with his normal gentle smile but our own Lee Nelson, the 2006 Aussie Millions champion who was eliminated in joint 36th place from the Main Event. Perhaps in this one his "final table" prowess will win the day?

Local player Nick Putt.

Louis Lou who put up a great fight but busted before the money bubble.

Pablo Carababallo having another crack at an Aussie Millions title.

Local favourite Minh Quach, who put in an early very strong showing in the Main Event, just missing the money, and we fear has been busted out again today.

Brad Willis
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