Aussie Millions Day 3

by Alison Lightman.
Play has officially ended on Day 3 of the Main Event at the Aussie Millions, with 14 players remaining from the original starting field of 747. Jimmy Fricke has been big box office tonight, winning pots from behind and having million dollar swings in his stack. He's developed fans amongst the railbirds and the 19 year old seemed bemused to be chased by authographs hunters on his breaks. Jimmy has ended the session as chip leader with 2.6 million in chips after taking down another huge pot in the closing minutes of play.
He'd limped from the cut off, and Marc Karam bet 200k pre-flop, which Jimmy called.The flop came 4c 7d Qc, and both players checked. The turn came 5d and Marc bet 350k provoking an all in call from Jimmy. Marc went into the tank, asked floor staff about the payout structure then folded, showed the table he was laying down a 9 high flush draw.
Jakob Glassl dropped a few hundred on a bluff reported earlier and has around half a million chips, which is around half the average of 1.067million.
As the minutes tick down to the close of today's session, Jakob Glassl got involved after a quiet couple of hours, only to be forced out of the hand by Andrew Black.
Andrew raised 45k from the cutoff, and while the button and small blind got out of the way Jakob re-raised 100k more, and was called.
The flop came Ad Qc 6c, and Jakob fired again making it 100k. Andrew went straight for his raising chips and Jakob conceded and mucked without waiting for the bet. It took him down to around 650k.
Jimmy Fricke has forced Patrik Antonius out of a 650k pot, taking his stack back over the 2 million mark.
Jimmy minimum raised under the gun and was called by Patrik in the big blind. Patrik checked the flop, Ah 7d 8s, but called Jimmy's 100k raise. Jimmy fired again when the turn was 5c, and Patrik called the 150k. The river came another Ace, the club, and when Jimmy made it 500k to call, Patrik folded.

Jimmy Fricke has dropped more than a million chips in a three way confrontation with Patrik Antonius and Julius Colman.On a flop of 3h 2d 3s, Julius checked and Patrik bet out 125k. Jimmy pumped it up to a cool million, and both his opponents pushed all in.
Julius showed A3, Patrik QQ and Jimmy pocket 10's. The turn card was 9s, the river Kd. Julius tripled up with his trips, and Patrik took the side pot, leaving Jimmy with 1.7 million.

A moment of high drama on the tournament floor moments ago when Jimmy Fricke and Patrik Antonius went to an all in showdown. Marc Karam had kicked off the action with a 70k bet, Patrik Antonius called in the cut off and Jimmy pumped it to 300k from the button. That got Karam out of the pot but Patrik Antonius moved all in. After a moment's consideration Jimmy called the extra, around 600k.
Jimmy showed AhKh and Patrik AKo. The flop came 7 5 J with one heart, the turn was another heart, the 4, and when a red Jack came on the river the crowd gasped, then sighed, as they realised it was a diamond and Jimmy had't sucked out a runner runner flush.
They split the pot.
Jakob Glassl is still keeping a low profile, not getting involved with his 1.2million. Action is a little slower with 17 left and 50 minutes of play left.
Players have returned from their break and resumed battle, with Jimmy Fricke on 2.6million still in front even after losing a big pot just before the break. The railbirds are cheering for the 19 year old who while clearly thrilled with his progress is less delighted that he's built much of his stack by getting lucky when he was behind. He'd rather be thought of as skilled than lucky, but with the flops he's hitting, the railbirds and his new retinue of autograph hunters can't be blamed for thinking him blessed.

Jimmy has done it again, busting out local player Nathan Bobik, and once again he came from behind. Jimmy had pp10's and called Nathan's all in raise. Nathan flipped KK but Jimmy made a set on the flop and raked in another huge pot to add to his chip mountain.
Jimmy Fricke is on fire and is the chip leader by a country mile. He got them all in on a flop of Qs 9c 2h, with Shane "Shaniac" Schleger. His heart must have sunk when he saw his Q 10 was behind Shaniac's QJ.
There was more than 2 million chips in the middle. The turn came Ks and then he rivered a miracle Jack to make a straight, send Shaniac to the rail and take control of the Main Event, just as he told me he was going to do, last weekend.

Jimmy "gobboboy" Fricke is surging into the chip lead with nigh on 2 million chips after knocking out another player.
Jimmy called an all in bet from the table short stack, with Kc7s. His opponent had a pair of deuces. The board was 9c Jd 8s Ad 10s, giving Jimmy the Jack-high straight and adding another 100k to his stack.

Joe Hachem is out. Joe pushed all in pre flop with Q7o and was called in the cut off by Jonas Buskas (who had earlier knocked out Joe's brother Tony). Buskas had AQ0. The crowd on the rail was roaring for a 7 to keep the WSOP 2005 Champion in the event and still fighting for a major win in his home poker room but it didn't come.
The board was J 2 6 10 4.
Joe wins $60 000. He finished 23rd. "You can't win every tournament" he said to me, smiling, moments later. "You can try! But you can't win them all."

On hand to commiserate was fellow Team PokerStars player, the 2006 Aussie Millions champion Lee "final table" Nelson, who was busted out in 37th place.


Less than 5 minutes into the start of play and Jimmy "gobboboy" Fricke has doubled through against chip leader Marc Karam.

The money was all in pre flop. Jimmy flipped pocket 9's and Marc (in the white cap) AKo.

The flop came 5c Qd 10s the turn was 3c and the river 2c, and Jimmy raked in what was announced as the biggest pot of the main event, 1.2million.
Joe Hachem in the meantime has returned from the tv table with a much diminished stack of 105k - less than one fifth the average - but he's proven time and time again his short-stack expertise.

Players have returned from dinner to commence Level 5 on Day 3 of the Main Event. They will play to the end of Level 6 tonight.

The 24 remaining players in the Main Event have gone for dinner. Jakob Glassl and former chip leader Patrik Antonius lingered over the felt while Jakob stared the Fin down, debating whether to call his 85k pre-flop raise. Eventually Jakob mucked face up showing pp7's - perhaps giving Patrik too much information to ponder over his break. Jakob has 1.2 million chips, Jimmy Fricke has 720k. We still haven't heard from the tv studio table where Joe Hachem is playing, but from the occasional glimpse we have of his stack in poker room tv monitors, he looks pretty short-stacked. The average is 622k. The blinds are going up next Level to 8k 16k with 2k antes.
Jimmy Fricke has been slipping up this level on the six-handed table, with bluffs and semi-bluffs coming unstuck and harming his stack.
Moments ago Jimmy again got tangled up in a pot with Shane 'shaniac' Schleger, who made it 37k to go pre-flop.
Jimmy called in the small blind, and the flop came Ah Js Kc. Both checked. The turn was an Ace of diamonds. Jimmy bet out 30k and Shane quickly called. The river was a blank 4 of spades. Jimmy fired 120k at the pot, but Shane immediately called and flipped over AQ.
Jimmy shook his head and declared "I'm six high". Jimmy has around 530k having spent most the last level with 1 million. "I only run bad in the big pots" he told me. "I've still got enough."

Jimmy Fricke has just doubled up after his huge losses in the past half hour saw his stack tumble from more than a million to around 300k. Jimmy raised 35k from under the gun and was called by Haralabos Voulgaris. The flop was Q Q 4 with two spades. Haralabos checked and Jimmy bet 50k. Haralabos pushed all in and Jimmy took his time, but called with 10s 8s. Harlabos had pp7's. The turn was the Ks making Jimmy's flush and he only had to dodge a 7 or Q. When the river came 6d Jimmy raked in the pot and is now on about 650k.

The past ten minutes have brought extremes of mixed fortunes for two of our three remaining plaers. Jimmy Fricke has just taken two huge hits in succession and his fellow PokerStars player Jakob Glassl has knocked a player out to pass the million chip mark.
Jimmy called an all in post flop raise with the board 10c 6c Jd. Jimmy was holding Qc9C giving him an up and down straight draw and a flush draw. His opponent flipped pp6's and having already made a set, the J repeated on the turn to fill him up and Jimmy was drawing dead. Jimmy pushed more than 300k across the felt. Moments later Jimmy doubled through another player and has seen his stack drop by two thirds down to approximately 300k.

On the neighbouring table Jakob Glassl knocked out Erik Vaughan. Jakob had AA, Eric had 10 10. Jakob caught a set on the turn and Eric caught the lower set on the river. Jakob doubled through the next player who tabgled with him but still has more than 1million chips.

Players are on another short break before play resumes in Level 4. 27 players remain and the average stack is 553k.
Blazing his way into the company of chip leaders is Jimmy Fricke who has 1.1 million but just told us "I could have a huge stack right now, I just caught a straight flush draw but missed."
Jakob Glassl, who has 770k, says the cards have been really nice to him the last levels. He was down as low as 80k, he said pushing all in with nothing. "Thankfully no one called!" he said. "Since then I have caught some cards."

Jimmy Fricke has passed the million chip mark. The 19 year old fired 150k at a pot of around 100k, on a board of 9s 5d 3s 9h As. It was two way. Jimmy's opponent said "You either just caught an Ace or it's a do not have a flush." Jimmy showed AcKc and his opponent mucked.

Kosta Varoxis from the Gold Coast has just been busted out of the Main Event. The button raised to 35k and Kosta in the big blind re-raised to 100k. The button, who had Kosta covered, pushed all in and the 37 year old Queenslander called. Kosta had ppQ's and his opponent KJ. It was an 800k pot. The flop came K 8 7 K and just to seal Kosta's fate his opponent filled up with a repeater 7 on the river.

Jimmy "gobboboy" Fricke has busted out another player. Jimmy called an all-in raise pre-flop from Katherine Hartree who'd pushed in her last 75k. Jimmy flipped A4o and Kathryn had KQo. The board came J 5 8, J J. Jimmy added another 100k to his stack and has 773k.

22 year old German PokerStars' satellite winner Jakob Glassl has 800k. In a blinds confrontation and on a board reading 7 8 4 K 4, the small blind led out for 30k. Jakob in the big blind re-raised to 100k and the small blind called. Jakob showed 10 4o and other other player mucked. He's aggressive, taking down pots mostly without a showdown.
Kosta Varoxis has claimed another scalp in Level 3. The 37 year old Queenslander re-raised a 30k bet all in from his big blind. Kosta had JdQd and was called by 6h7h. The flop was KhJs6c, the turn Ac, and the river 2h. Kosta took more than 100k in that hand. He has around 450k.

**update** 4.16
Lee Nelson the defending Aussie Millions Champion has been busted out by hyper-aggressive Dane, Gus Hansen.
Lee raised pre flop to 32k from middle position with Gus in the big blind.Gus called the extra 22k and the action was heads up. The flop came Qc4cQd, Gus checked and Lee bet 30k. Gus re raised to 75k and Lee asked Gus how much he had left, and while he realised Gus had him covered he still moved all in. Gus immediately called and turned AcQs, giving him trips. Lee was left with the flush draw which didn't come,the turn was Jh and the river 3h, ending Lee's reign as the tournament champion in 37th place. He takes home $25 000. Tables are now going six handed. Someone was knocked out immediately after Lee, and 35 players remain. Still flying the flag for PokerStars are Joe Hachem, Jimmy Fricke and Kosta Varoxis.
Kosta Varoxis has been chipping away at fellow Pokerstars' player Lee Nelson, on his right. Lee just folded to a big re-raise from Kosta and going into the break, the defending champion had 410k. Kosta had 355k. Joe Hachem has 330k and Jakob Glassl 460k.

37 players remain, and when we lose one more it will go six-handed.
Jimmy Fricke has been moved upstairs to the tv table and we can't yet report on his progress, but he had around 600k.When players return the blinds will be 5k/ 10k with a 1k ante.


Kosta Varoxis has just taken down a big pot on the feature table and sent another player to the rail. Kosta, 37, who won the $530 satellite on PokerStars, called the player's all in with pp6's. The other player had Ah5h and Kosta's pair stood up. After raking in the chips he has 350k.
22 year old Jakob Glassl, from hamburg, who also won his seat in the $530 tournament, has amassed 475k.

Joe Hachem has doubled up through Robert Goldfarb, who moments ago knocked out Joe's PokerStars' team mate David Pham.
Joe was all in with AcKh and was called by Robert with Ah Qc. The flop was 4c 10s 3c. The turn was the 2c and the river the 6d. Joe now has about 350k, just above the average of 339k with 44 players remaining.
Jakob Glassl has doubled up as well. On a flop of 10 4 blank, he got it all in with local player Joe Humunicki. Jakob had the cowboys and Joe had ppJ's. There was a King on the turn and Joe was drawing dead. Jakob has around 400k.
Joe Hachem has doubled up on a miracle runner runner hand. Paul Wasicka bet 20k and Joe pushed all in, getting a call. Both players flipped A 9 and it was looking like a chop but then the flop came down, 3 4 6 with 2 hearts. Joe had the Ace of hearts. The turn card was the Jh and the river the 3h.
Joe now has 190k.

David "the Dragon" Pham has been busted. He bet 25k with pocket 10's and got a re-raise from Robert Goldfarb who pumped it to 45k from the button.
The flop was Jh 8c 7h. David, first to act, pushed in his last 60k and was called instantly with Goldfarb holding AA. The turn was another Ace and the river 3c no help to the Dragon.

Jimmy Fricke has been moved to the feature tv table, away from the main floor, we'll keep you posted as we can.

Lee Nelson is also on the move, to Gus Hansen's table. After working tirelessly all day yesterday to asset his authority over Patrik Antonius, Lee now has to deal with the equally aggressive Dane.

Kosta Varoxis, from Queensland, has doubled up through Hansen. He pushed with AQ against Hansen's pp10's and caught his Ace on the river. Kosta has 270k.


We're down to 49 players from the 80 who started today (in the money) at the Main Event. Lee "final table" Nelson, the defending Champion is showing his class doubling through in the first level to 420k.
Jimmy "gobboyboy Fricke's chip mountain (615k).

Joe Hachem's railbirds, including Emad Tahtouh from Team PokerStars who busted out on Day 1.
Players have taken a short break at the end of an opening session which saw the short stacks dropping like flies and our Lee Nelson and Jimmy Fricke consolidating big stacks. Of 80 runners today only 53 remain - six of them PokerStars'.
Reigning champion Lee Nelson has 420k, Jimmy Fricke has 615k, but David Pham who is on the same table has been pushed around all session and is down to 170k.

Joe Hachem has taken several big hits and is on 95k, have had 275 ninety minutes ago. He says he's been card dead, and lost a big pot with his only decent cards so far, AhKh.

**update** 1.35pm

Adam Junglen, our 19 year old player from Ohio, is out. He raised to 16.5k in middle postition and the player on his left (wearing white) pumped it up 50k more. Adam thought and re-raised all in and got an instant call.

Adam flipped AQ and his opponent AK and the flop was King high.
Adam cashed $20 0000, and is sanguine about his loss, displaying the maturity he has shown at the table away from the table as well.


Dennis Petronack is out. He pushed all in with A9 against Ross Boatman's 10 10 and the board came Q K 5 7 4.


Defending Aussie Millions champion Lee Nelson has doubled up in a clash with fellow PokerStars player Jimmy "gobboboy" Fricke. Fricke had been raising a lot of pots early, and he raised with pp5's in middle position. Lee eventually pushed all-in pre flop, after finding A Q on the button, and Jimmy called. The flop came 6c 3h Qd. The turn was the 8s, the river 10d. Top pair was enough and Lee now has about 452k.
Jimmy dropped 218k and would have around 317k.

Joe Hachem has dropped nearly a third of his stack in a clash with Chris Zenonas who started today as the table short stack with just 19k. Ten minutes later Joe aggressed another pot but was forced to lay it down when Chris pushed all in on a flop of 8s Qd 8d.
Gus Hansen has been keeping a watchful eye on players at other tables.


Jimmy Fricke has claimed his first scalp of the day busting out local player Peter Pratis in a 50k pot adding to his giant stack which must be approaching 600k.
Dennis Petronack, a PokerStars online qualifier from the USA, entered this session with a teeny 17k - one of the two very short stacks - and has turned it into 70k in the first half hour. Patrik Antonius just doubled him up, calling Dennis' all-in and seeing him flip the nut flush.


David "the Dragon" Pham knows he's in a game today. An aggressive player by nature, David has found himself on a tough table with fellow PokerStars players, monster stack Jimmy "gobboboy" Fricke, and defending tournament champion Lee "final table" Nelson.
First to act, Jimmy called "all in" on the river after Pham checked the turn with a board of Q 3 4 2 5. David had no option but to fold if he had no Ace, and Jimmy mucked and collected.
Just two minutes later David went to the flop in the small blind with Lee checking his option in the big blind. The flop came 9c 6s Jh. David checked and Lee bet 10k. David re-raised to 30k and Lee fired it back up again to 100k. David folded.

Cards are in the air on Day 3 of the Aussie Millions Main Event, with the defending champion Lee "final table" Nelson and 2005 WSOP Champion Joe Hachem leading the PokerStars team. The bubble burst nine minutes before play ended in the early hours of this morning.
We have eight players remaining in the field, all of whom are in the money.
Among the 80 Day 3 starters, some are nursing very short stacks like our Dennis Petronack who has 17k and the super aggressive Patrik Antonius at his table.

Their starting chip counts:

Jimmy "gobboboy"Fricke 535k
David "the Dragon" Pham 350k
Adam Junglen 309k
Joe Hachem 275k
Lee Nelson 192k
Kosta Varoxis 164k
Jakob Glassl 120k
Dennis Petronack 17k

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