Aussie Millions Day 4

Jakob Glassl is out of the Main Event in 8th place, an incredible effort given his short stack and the toughness of the field the 22 year old PokerStars qualifier from Germany has endured this week. It wasn't the ferocious Gus Hansen who knocked him out but fellow PokerStars player, Jimmy Fricke.
Jakob was all in with ppJ's against Jimmy's offsuit A 10, and and Ace fell on the flop to send the young German out. He said" Just another suckout to add to your list hey Jimmy? I knew an Ace would be the first card I saw."
It was clear that his opponents were impressed with the young man's tenacity, they all rose to console him as he left the TV table to collect his winnings, $155 000.
And that elimination concludes play for today. The final table action resumes tomorrow.


Jakob Glassl, our short-stacked PokerStars qualifier on the final table, has doubled up against Julius Colman from South Australia, only to lose it again moments later in a clash with chip leader Jimmy Fricke.
Jakob led out for 80k (with 315k behind) and was called by Julius in the big blind. The flop was 5 2 3 with two diamonds. Julius checked and Jakob fired another 100k, getting a call. When the turn came 6s, Julius moved all in and Jakob called and saw that with Qd 10d, Julius had plenty of outs. But the diamond didn't come and Jakob's pocket Aces stood up.
His stack was nudging up to 900k, when he clashed with Jimmy. After some pre-flop betting the cards fell 2d 2h 10d. Jimmy raised Jakob all in, but Jakob, 22, couldn't make the call for his tournament life, and is the table short stack again with around 400k.

**update** 2.55pm

Jimmy "gobboyboy" Fricke is getting involved early on the final table, firmly taking the chip lead after coming over the top of joint chip leader Gus Hansen, the teenager demonstrating he's not intimated by his Hansen's feared aggression and experience.
Gus bet 100k at the pot from middle position which Jimmy pumped straight up to 300k in the cut off. Gus called, and the flop brought 3d 7d 4c. Gus checked, and Jimmy fired 400k, forcing him to lay down his hand.


Jimmy Fricke is official chip leader. Seat allocations and chip counts for the final table:

Seat 1 Hans Martin Vogl 785k
Seat 2 Gus Hansen 3.8m
Seat 3 Marc Karam 1.41m
Seat 4 Julius Colman 1.11m
Seat 5 Jimmy Fricke 3.9m
Seat 6 Andy Black 1.79m
Seat 7 Jakob Glassl 535k
Seat 8 Kristy Gazes 1.38m

We have a final table and two PokerStars playersare on it. They're re-drawing for seats and play will recommence shortly in the Main Event final battle that will see two players become millionaires.

Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke is joint chip leader with Gus Hansen. PokerStars satellite winner Jakob Glass has survived the opening session today while all the other short stacks busted out around him, and he will have to keep up the aggression as his stack is still dwarfed.

Getting down to eight saw Australian Dennis Huntly busted to the rail. It was two way, Marc Karam had AK against Dennis' 10 J, and made a full house with Dennis drawing dead on the turn.

Play will resume upstairs on the tv studio feature table, but unfortunately I can't follow them in. Any updates that come out of the studio will be posted here immediately.

Jimmy Fricke has just taken a big pot. On the button Andy Black raised to 85k, with Jimmy and Kristy Gazes calling in the blinds. It was checked through to the river on a board of A 9 2 Q. An 8 came on the river and Jimmy led for 175k and got a call from them both. He showed Q 8 for two pair, and shipped it. It was a 780k pot which may well put him back in the lead. See Aussie Millions Day 4 chip counts for the break-time counts.

The nine remaining players in the Main Event have taken their first break of the day with Jimmy Fricke on 3.415 million chips after taking another 250k pot down, against Kristy Gazes.
Andy Black limped on the button and Jimmy completed from the small blind, and Kristy in the big blind made it 100k total to go. Jimmy fired in a re-raise sending her into the tank. While it looks like she's packing her things to go in our picture, she eventually mucked.

There has been a lot of raising and re-raising on the table with not many hands going to a showdown. There's something very endearing about Gobboboy. We at PokerStars knew it and now it's rubbing off on lots of others. Yesterday he was asked for his autograph, which he gave up somewhat shyly. Overnight he seems to have realised the support he has on the rail and has been bantering with his fans during quiet moments in the game.
Nine runners remain after Andy Black eliminated Curly Seal with AJ against QJ. All of them will now receive at least $150 000. Upstairs on the tv table our satellite winner, Jakob Glassl, is aggressively pushing his short stack. One hard after pushing Dennis Huntly out of a pot, Jakob then re-raised all in to a bet of 72k by Gus Hansen, an extra 400k. Gus deliberated but folded. Jakob must have 600k but is still a very short stack, with the average 1.66 million.

It's taken less than one hour to slash today's starting field from 14 down to 10. Moments ago Australian player Julius Colman knocked out Swede Jonas Buskas on the tv table, and claimed his stack, around 800k, as his own.
Gus Hansen has taken over the chip leader from Jimmy Fricke and has around one quarter of the chips in play, with more than 4 million, after knocking out Patrik Antonius. But Jimmy isn't far behind him with around 3.6 million.
Hansen bet 500k on a flop of Jh As 9h and Patrik immediately moved all in. It wasn't clear who had who covered when Hansen called just as fast. Gus had made trip Jacks, and Patrik also hit the flop with his Ah 8h, but was too far behind and the turn Qc and river 8s were no help for the young Fin .
**update** 11.58am
Here's how Jimmy busted Paul Wasicka. He raised 75k under the gun and Paul, next to act, re-raised all in for an extra 269k. Jimmy made the call and Wasicka showed A 10 to Jimmy's K J.
The flop was 9 4 K, the turn a 6 and river 3, and Paul Wasicka was gone. it puts Jimmy up to 3.4 million and everyone moved up a pay slot.

There's been some early tension on Table 10. Jimmy Fricke and Andy Black got involved in an argument with Curly Seal, for "stalling". The Tournament Director was called to the table to ease the situation.

Day 4 of the fight to claim the title of the Aussie Millions Champion 2007, and the $1.5 million first prize is underway with 3 players already gone and our Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke consolidating his clear lead, knocking out Paul Wasicka in the past couple of minutes, which puts him on more than 3 million chips.
The news is a little late coming to you because we've been offline in the tournament room. Patrik Antonius has been knocked out in an all in clash with Gus Hansen, and Patrick Fletcher has also been eliminated.
We're down to two tables and 11 players already.
Jakob Glassl, our $530 satellite winner from Hamburg in Germany could be forgiven for feeling a little frazzled as he attempts to build on his short stack of 464k. He arrived late today perhaps due to the re-scheduled early start, and barely having time to draw breath after skidding to a halt in the poker room, he was rushed upstairs to the tv studio feature table. There, Jakob will have to defend his short stack from the fearsome Dane, Gus Hansen, and former tournament chip leader Marc Karam.

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