Aussie Millions Day1 B


A tired round of applause has just been heard on the tournament floor as the Director uttered the magic words" players, congratulations, you have all made it through to tomorrow".

They have the tiresome business of bagging up chips to get through before heading for bed and Day 2 of the largest poker event outside the USA.

In his typically sanguine way, Joe Hachem told me "it's been a grind, but I have ended the day with more than I had to start." Joe has 22.4k.

Louis Lou, below, is going to enter Day 2 with 84.7k.

Kosta Varoxis has been leading the charge for PokerStars today and is one of the chip leaders with 105.5k.

Jakob Glassl finished with 29.4k.

Adrian Pitt had 34k when the final whistle went.

Adam Junglen has 46.3k. Simon Cooke 59.6k. Mike Comer busted in the last Level.

Jan Uyl has, in the immortal words of the dealer "dropped a big pot on the wrong end of a flush draw." Having reached the high 80's, Jan begins tomorrow with 47k.
According to Jan, 37, he lost only two of the hands he has been involved in all day. "I surprised myself" he said.

**update** 11.50pm

Flight 2 players are nearing the end of their gruelling first day, with action slowing down considerably with everyone wanting to survive until tomorrow.

The railbirds are three deep around the feature table where Joe Hachem, who would love to win a major Downunder, has been showing his small stack expertise all day.

Adrian Pitt (below)is aiming to double his starting stack, and is currently sitting on 33.7k.

**update** 11.15pm

Players are yet again grinding it out, trying to survive until Day2 and picking up pots where they can. Dutch-born Jan "JanVanOranje" Uyl, who lives in California now, has doubled up this Level and is on 78k, despite what appears to be serious jetlag.

Kosta Varoxis has had 120k but after losing a chunky pot is back to 85k.

Louis Lou has been increasing his stack slowly and surely and has about 87k, and Adrian Pitt has around 38k.

Struggling tonight are Mike Comer, with 15k, Jakiob Glassl with 20k, and Joe Hachem, who would love nothing more than a major tournament victory in his home poker room. Joe is still looking for an opportunity to double up and is sitting on 12k.

Jan Uyl has been tearing up his table since dinner and has 78k.

**update** 9.50pm

Rosa Bennett has been eliminated from the main event. She was struggling with a short stack and raised when she found 44, and got called in the big blind.

The flop came 2 2 K, and Rosa thought, if he didn't have a King he couldn't call, so pushed all in for her remaining 8k. She was instantly called by her opponent, holding J2o. The turn was a blank and the river even worse for Rosa, the case 2, giving the other player quads.

She managed a smile for our camera but naturally, she's not really happy.

Mark Kassis has also busted out, pushing all in with 99 only to run into cowboys.

Jan Uyl has around 35k.

But for Kosta Varoxis, below, it's all going the right way, he's building on his 104k.

**update** 9.10pm

Players are back fed and watered from their dinner break and the breaking news is that our PokerStars qualifier, Kosta Varoxis, from the Gold Coast, has broken through the 100k barrier and has 104k.

Kosta raised pre-flop with 7h8h, and was called in the big blind. It was a magic flop, all hearts, K J 6, and Kosta was praying his opponent had hit something. He got his wish, as the big blind had flopped a set of 6's and check-raised, and called Kosta's all-in re-raise believing his trips were good.

Louis Luo, who doubled up shortly before the break when he hit top straight, has 60k. William Rothschild has inched up to 12k, David Wells has 18k, 19 year old Adam Junglen continues to amass chips with 50k, and Mike Comer seems to be parked on 20k. Jakob Glassl has 14.5.

Another lap of the floor by our reporter Heath Cram reveals mixed fortunes for our PokerStars players:

Rosa Bennett 12.4k
Joe Hachem 13.8k
Simon Cook 23k
Nick Putt 24.3k
Adrian Pitt 32.1k
Joseph Serock OUT

After a promising start, increasing his stack at every level in the first 5 hours of play, 18 year old American Joseph Serock has been eliminated. After being crippled in a hand, holding A-10 against A-Q, Serock pushed his last 8k into the pot on a flush draw, against top pair, and got no further help from the last two streets.

The feature table is the location for Team PokerStars' Joe Hachem and Rosa Bennett. After losing most of her stack in the last level, Rosa consolidated her position in level 5, to retain her stack of about 12k, with a long way to go. The current average stack size is at 31k. Joe and Rosa have already engaged in a couple of heads-up betting duels, with the score level at 1-all, and little damage done to either stack.

A player who has made a charge above the average stack is Adrian Pitt. Seated at the same table as a fellow PokerStars qualifier Nick Putt, Adrian has worked his way back up to over 30k, playing solid poker. The pair engaged in a big pot last level, with Adrian doubling Nick up with 88, against pocket rockets. Nick made the most of that pot and has continued to climb, with over 24k in chips.

PokerStars' own Simon Cook has been one of the bigger movers from the PokerStars team at this level. Simon made the most of the increasing blinds, to take several pots both pre-flop and on the flop. A recent table move will result in fresh opposition for Simon at the upcoming 300/600 level.


Greg Raymer has been knocked out. He went all in pre-flop for about 13 times the big blind with 67, and was very surprised to get a call from AQ.

The Ace came on the river but by that time it was irrelevant that the other guy hit, and the WSOP champion was going home.

Graciously he stopped to sign autographs for fans and have a word to us on his way out of the tournament floor.

"I must have got rivered 18, 20 times today" he told me. "It's a good tournament, but unfortunately the cards ran very cold for me today."

Often Greg can feel he has a target on his back because of his status as a WSOP bracelet winner, but didn't feel that was the case today. "Players like me and Joe (Hachem) , other guys want to have a story about us, and call us with anything. But that wasn't my read on today."

Earlier Greg had amassed about 40k, and says it wasn't a particular hand that crippled him, but a series of about three losses.

Young qualifier Pablo "diablo" Caraballo has also been eliminated tonight.

The 250 remaining players have headed off for an hour long dinner break. When they return for Level 6 the blinds will be at 300 / 600. The average stack is 31 150.

**update:** 7.15pm

Kosta Varoxis is continuing to build his stack and a few moments ago had 84k.

Rosa Bennett has just joined Joe Hachem on the feature table and as they are both short-stacked might be glad of a familiar face as it's the home poker room for them both.

Joe has 6.5k.

Aaron Been has been elimated and we believe Geron de Werd, who was struggling on 4k at his break has also gone.

With less than thirty minutes until the dinner break, there are 262 players left from the starting field today of 389. The average stack is 29694.

**update** 6.33pm

Joe Hachem has just doubled up with pp J's against K 10 on a ten high flop giving him room to breathe and provoking a cheer from the railbirds. He has around 14k.

Rosa Bennett has decimated her stack after bluffing at a pot shortly before the last break.

Rosa called a pre-flop raise when she found QdJd, and wanted to see another card after the flop came 10 8 6 with two diamonds. She bet out 1200 and was called. The turn was a repeat 6, a spade, and Rosa made it 3.5k to go. The river was a blank so Rosa knew the only way she'd take the pot was to bet, and made it 8.5k, only to be called and find out her opponent was slow rolling bullets.

William Rothschild, below, has been short-stacked during the past Level, currently with 11k, but is still evidently enjoying himself.

Meanwhile 19 year old American qualifier, Adam Junglen, is having a great day and has amassed around 80k. Luck was definitely on his side moments ago when he pushed all in from the button pre-flop, with A 9o, against the small blind who was holding AK

The flop came rags but the all important 9 came on the turn and Junglen claimed another scalp.

Mike Comer, above, has 36k.

It's all been going wrong for WSOP Champion Greg Raymer early tonight. He'd built an above average stack but was seen looking miserable at a pile of some 9k moments ago - we'll bring you the details as we get them.


PokerStars' own Simon Cook has taken a dive in chips with a straight against straight scenario against the 2006 WSOP H.O.R.S.E Runner-Up, Andy Bloch.

Cook held 78 in the small blind, with what appeared a reasonable flop of 7-9-10.

Cook bet and Bloch called and it was off to the turn.

The turn came J giving Cook his Jack high straight.

After a healthy betting exchange and a blank river, Bloch revealed Q8 to have the higher straight, taking down a pot of over 12k.

PokerStars players Nick Putt and Adrian Pitt are seated at the same table and consolidating their positions.

Adrian Pitt has not been involved in many pots, but feels he has brought his A-game to the table.

"I have laid down QQ twice, and correctly both times", Pitt said.

"The first time was a pre-flop laydown to a raise and re-raise and the flop came AK6, so I'm sure I saved some money there", said Pitt.

"The second time I laid down post flop and AA was eventually shown, so I'm pretty proud of that", said Pitt

Nick Putt is playing solid poker and has consolidated his position above the chip average, currently 26827.

We've had another visit from the technical problems fairy and been thrown offline down on the tournament floor but we're up again now, and the big recent news from this Level is Joe Hachem has survived an all in, with the worst hand.

He was back under 10k, when he found AK and went to a showdown with another player holding QQ.

Luckily for Joe, the board came 4 5 6 7 8, giving both players a straight and they chopped the pot.

**update** 4.45pm
Players have had another ten minute break and have come back for Level 4, with the blinds at 150 / 300 and a 25 ante.

Going into the break Tasmanian Kosta Varoxis was leading the charge for PokerStars, with 61k in front of him. He told us he found AA in the small blind after two players had limped in, so he made it 2k to play and both called. The flop came 5 6 10 with two hearts. Kosta checked the flop and induced a 4k bet, which forced one player out. Kosta check-raised all in, saying "I've got you beat". The other player was acutally way ahead but made a dreadful read, believing Kosta had trip 10's and mucking a set of 6's face-up. Kosta showed the bullets.

Other noteable chipcounts from Team PokerStars:

Greg Raymer 36k
Adam Junglen 30k
Aaron Been 8k
Rosa Bennett 25k
Mike Comer 45k
Geron de Werd 22k
William Rothschild 17k
Jakob Glabl 24k
Louis Luo 21k
Mark Kassis 13.5k
David Wells 31k
Jan Uyl 31k
Nick Putt 11.5k
Joe Hachem 12.5k
Simon Cook 13.3k
Adrian Pitt 15.4k
Joseph Serock 33k

**update** 4.20pm

Emad Tahtouh has busted out of the Main Event after playing, in his own words, "like a monkey".

He's been short-stacked most of the afternoon, and saw a chance to double up a few minutes ago but it didn't go his way.

On a flop of K J 7, Emad bet 1k and was called by Stephen Topakas. Both players checked the turn, a 4. Stephen bet 1.5k on the river card, an 8, and Emad threw in his last 3k, thinking his two pairs were good. But when Emad flipped K 8, his oppponent showed 9 10 which gave him the straight and sending Emad home.

"I'm not happy with the way I played today" he said. "I played two good hands today and that's it."

He still managed a smile before leaving, and knowing Emad, he won't be down for long.

**update** 3.50pm

On table 29 Jan Uyl is doing well with 26k. Jan won his seat to the Aussie Millions through a PokerNews freeroll on PokerStars and is hoping to turn his $0 investment into a $1.5million pay day

Meanwhile Greg Raymer has pushed his stack up to 38.2k in the past few minutes, taking down an 18k pot with a Queen high flush.

Emad Tahtouh is really struggling now, back down to 3k and folding hand after hand, wandering away from his table obviously deeply frustrated, and the strain is showing a little on the face of the normally unflappable Joe Hachem, who seems to have less than 6k in his stack.

**update** 3.15pm

The action from the PokerStars team in Level 2 came not from Joe Hachem, but another Joe in Joseph Serock.

Serock has started the day in good aggressive fashion, combining blind steals with helpful flops and post-flop raises to be well above the average, that is just over 21k.

Joe Hachem's stack continued to dwindle, as the deck remained cold throughout level 2.

"It's just the deck", said Joe.

"The two guys to my left are catching everything".

Meanwhile over the other side of the room, Team PokerStars beauty Rosa Bennett has taken a big pot from well-known pro Andy Bloch.

Rosa made it 650 to go, with her AKo and received two callers including Bloch, who had position on her.

Flop came: Kc 8d 9c.

Rosa bet 1.5k and Bloch called without too much hesitation.

Turn came: 7h

Rosa slowed down on the turn and checked, with Bloch checking behind her.

River came: 8h

Rosa bet 3.25k and Bloch paid her off. Rosa flipped up her AK and Bloch mucked without showing, after a play that most likely represented a weaker king.

"The turn card was a little scary", said Rosa.

"When the board paired 8's at the end, I figured if he had a weaker king, then my bet would still be paid off, and thankfully it was", said a delighted Rosa.

"I am hoping for around 40k by the end of the day. I don't expect too much action in the early levels, there's a long day ahead of us".

**update** 2.50

Players have gone for their second break with several PokerStars players amassing comfortably large stacks and winning the quote of the day contest by a clear margin is our Emad Tahtouh.

"I am a monkey" he said. "I challenge you to find someone who is playing worse than me at the moment."

Emad was down to 3k at his lowest point during this past level but has managed to get his stack up to 9k. He told us his reads have all been right while his calls have all been wrong. He's going to start pushing harder in Level 3 which he considers a stealing round, with antes of 25 kicking in and blinds at 100/200.

Joe Hachem is still struggling after taking a couple of early hits and has less than 7k in front of him. Latest chip counts from our other PokerStars players:

Kosta Varoxis 43k
David Wells 33k
Rosa Bennett 26k
Steve Micos 23k
Louis Lou 25k
Mark Kassis 15.5k
Jakob Glabl 20k
Pablo Carrabello 12k
Mike Comer 35k
Adam Junglen 30k
Geron de Werd 29k
Aaron Been 21k
William Rothschild 16k
Joe Hachem 6.2k
Simon Cook 11.6
Adrian Pitt 17.5k
Nick Putt 24.3k
Joseph Serock 28k

Travers Bawden from the Gold Coast was knocked out just before the break. He put them all in with QQ but his opponent sucked out a runner runner flush.

**update **

Emad Tahtouh has taken a painful blow to his stack and is down to just 3k. He called a 1k bet on a flop of 6d 2d 4d, as he had the King of diamonds. He made his flush when the turn came Jd, and just called when his opponent fired another 1k at the pot. The river was a blank, and Emad obviously felt something was up when the other player fired again, 5k. He called reluctantly and his opponent flipped the one card Emad didn't want to see, the Ace of Diamonds.

**update** 2pm

Emad Tahtouh and Rosa Bennett are representing team PokerStars today, and while Emad has taken an early hit, down to 10.4k, he's still his usual smiling self.

"I don't know what happened" he told us, "I looked around and they were gone!There's still plenty of time though. No problem."

It looks as if Mike Comer, who qualified on PokerStars, might have some of Emad's chips as he is sitting comfortably with 32.2k.

**update** 1.33pm

Popular local player Dom Italiano has been knocked out by WSOP champ Greg Raymer. Dom's two pair was looking good but Greg made a 10-high straight on the river to send Dom to the rail.


A ripple of nervous applause went around the tournament floor at the start of Day 1 B when 2005 WSOP champion Joe Hachem strolled into his home poker room.

But it might be Joe feeling the nerves now, with his start stack of 20k down to 8.5k.

He’d been bullying the table earlier in the level, taking down small pots pre and post-flop. In middle positition with the blinds at 50 100 he made it 300 to go and was called in the cut off by Ingemar Stahle.

The blinds folded and the action was two way. The flop came 4c 6c 8s, and Joe bet 500 into a 900 pot. Ingemar called, and 6s came on the turn. Joe checked and Ingemar bet 1k. Joe check-raised to 2.5k and was called The river was Qh, and Joe bet 5k at the pot. Ingemar re-raised to 8k, and Joe called the extra.
Ingemar turned over 56 showing trip 6’s, and Joe mucked.

Greg Raymer has claimed his first scalp. knocking out Wayne Becker. The money was all in on a J high flop ; Greg showed QQ but Wayne had made trips with his pocket J's. His joy was short-lived as Greg made a four card flush on the river.

Greg made a set of 9's a few minutes later building his stack up steadily in the first hour of play. He's read his table as weak-tight and nervous, so thinks it won't bee too tricky today.

PokerStars qualifier Adam Junglen is also happy with his table draw - while he came off worst trying to bluff a calling station, he's hoping to pick up chips in Level 2.

Chip counts as players went into their break a few moments ago:

Geron De Werd 20k
Adam Junglen 14k
Aaron Been 18k
Greg Raymer 24k
William Rothschild 20k
Emad Tahtouh 10k
Mike Comer 28k
Joe Hachem 8.5k
Simon Cook 19.2k
Adrian Pitt 19.7k
Rosa Bennett 19.8k
Nick Putt20.3k
Joseph Serock 22.5k
Travers Bawden 20k
Louis Luo 22.5
Mark Kassis 16k
Steve Micos 19.5k

Eagle-eyed readers of the PokerStars blog might have noticed yesterday that our update posting times were a little irregular. We'd like you all to know that while we're working tirelessly to bring you the latest news, the technical facilities here on the floor are not cooperating. To put it bluntly, they suck, with the internet dropping out consistently just as we're trying to file. Just so you know.

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